Scrapbooking with Pintyplus Aqua: how to create your album step by step

Scrapbooking is a technique to make from photo albums or cut-outs to folders, diaries, calendars, envelopes, invitations, etc. In addition, it’s a fun craft to develop your creativity. This tutorial will show how to make an easy scrapbooking with Pintyplus Aqua, you will love it!

Judy from Judyscrap shows us step by step how to make an easy scrapbooking with our new Water-based spray paint Pintyplus Aqua.

 Has created a beautiful mini scrapbook with images of his children.

Materials to make a mini album:

  • Water-based spray paint Pintyplus Aqua
  • Watercolor paper
  • Masks or stencil templates
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Washi Tape
  • Labels, mold, badgers, cartons...
  • Stamping stamps
  • Twin thread for binding



How to apply spray paint for scrapbook:

From her experience, Judy makes a series of recommendations when we using Pinty Plus Aqua spray paint:

  • Vaporize about 15 cm from the support. Do not get too close to avoid accumulations of excess product or “waters”.
  • Cover the areas that you don’t want to paint with paper. Even if it’s a low-pressure spray don’t use preventing unwanted spots.
  • Clean the masks and stencils with a wet wipe or under the tap with water and soap. In the event that the paint has dried on the template, it can be cleaned without problems by rubbing with a soft sponge.


Easy scrapbooking: mini album step by step:

To make this mini album in the first place, 3 sheets of 30 x 15 cm watercolor paper are folded in half.


Next, masks and stencils are used to create backgrounds on the different pages of the mini album. Shake the spray paint bottle for one minute and spray at a distance of about 15/20 cm, depending on the intensity you want to provide.


By combining the different colors of Pintyplus Aqua, you will get results as beautiful as those of the following images:crapbooking-facil-stencil-1 (1)scrapbooking-facil-stencil-2 (1)
Once the pages have been decorated with spray paint, a couple of holes are made in the spine of the mini album. Then the twin thread is passed in order to bind it.
For the cover, has been made a pennant with a fuchsia paper that frames the photo of Judy’s daughter. Has been used a background tag, a sheet mold, a badgers, embossed cardboard texts.

Finally, to decorate the interior pages, have been used different stamping stamps. The final result, page by page, seems precious to us.scrapbooking-mini-album (2)


Advantages of Pintyplus Aqua versus other inks for scrapbook:

After having tried both formats, Judy offers for us the advantages of Pintyplus Aqua spray paint versus the inks for the scrapbook:

  • Don’t wrinkle the paper. Normally the inks have more water load and for this reason they fold more paper than spray paint.
  • The paint doesn’t dry on the diffuser as in the case of inks for scrap or liquid sprays.In the case of inks, it’s necessary to clean the sprayer so that it is not blocked. With the spray paint, you just have to invert the paint pot and press the diffuser until it stops painting to avoid this problem.
  • With spray paint you get a more realistic 3D effect.
  • You can adjust the intensity of the color by moving the spray closer or further away when spraying on the paper.


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Pintypluser: Judyscrab