Shabby chic effect furniture with spray Pintyplus

One of the coolest effects it was given to a furniture that we saw in the Decogarden program. An old wardrobe was transformed into a Shabby chic effect furniture with chalk finish spray paint Pintyplus, that is know as well as chalk paint.


We liked very much to present the final finish that was achieved! Really it’s a pity that through the screen you can’t perceive it 😉 even before or after distressing the layer of paint. The shabby chic effect doesn’t require sanding, it’s only to give it the vintage or shabby chic look as it’s called in Great Britain.

Steps followed

The steps followed were the ones we always repeat. Clean and cover the area.


Wear protective glasses and a mask. Although are not really necessary in the case of Pintyplus chalk finish paint because it is a water-based formula. We always recommend and support the initiative. Prevention is on the first place when not being aware of all the ingredients that make part of the formula of each product.


To paint, was used the Ash Gray color from the chalk finish spray paint . At continuation, give thin layers of chalk paint without accumulating too much in a certain point, try to pass fast and cover all the areas.

If several layers are given, it’s preferable to pass a rag or brush between layers to remove the dust from the previous hand. It’s very recommendable because to achieve this shabby chic or chalk paint effect, the paint it’s loaded with lots of solids, that should be removed between layers so the next layer doesn’t adhere to the non-adhering particles, the dust created.



Wait a while between layer and layer

Between layer and layer is preferible to wait about 15 minutes.

Let it dry

Once dry, proceed with the sanding, as Yolanda says, from less to more. First start with a fine sanding and then sand with greater intensity in those areas of interest to achieve the effect of vintage decoration.


Next apply a decorated paper on top of the furniture

For the top of furniture was decided to apply decorated paper. Was used the Tech Permanent Adhesive and Water based varnish spray Pintyplus to protect the paper.

Apply a layer of varnish in spray

This same varnish in spray, ideal for the chalk effect furniture,have been used to protect the entire piece of furniture, although then the silky effect to the touch was lost a bit.




Enjoy the creativity using the Pintyplus chalk finish spray paints!!

Source and copyright Decogarden