Side table with chalk spray paint from UK

From the United Kingdom with the contribution from Jenny in her first contact with Pintyplus in which she tells us her experience when she paints a side table with chalk paint spray.

side-table-painted-with-chalk-paintLike all those who try our chalk paint spray for the first time, it´s very surprising because of the time saving and the chalk-like finish. In his case, he shows us in this project how he did it:

  • Painting and varnishing

  • paint-the-side-table-with-chalk paint2Cleaning the surface

In her explanation, she does not entertain herself too much, as she says, it´s very simple, painting and varnishing. Although we´ll always insist on the same thing: obviously cleaning the surface  very well. Shake the boat, paint in crossed layers and do not load too much paint in one spot. Thin layers, always better to give two layers than a thick one. When it´s dry you can put a water-based varnish to better protect the surface, especially if you are going to use it as a table to leave things like your mobile or your breakfast cup. In the case of surfaces with little adhesion or excessive porosity, you can paint a layer of Universal primer spray Pintyplus to improve the anchoring.

paint-the-side-table-with-chalk paint3In addition to blogger of Let’s talk mommy blog, Jenny is, among other things, a writer. He wrote his first novel called “When Love & Culture Collide”, something like “when love and culture collide” four years ago and that you can buy in Amazon in this link.


Thanks a lot Jenny!