Convert a stackable toy tower into a decorative object

Those who have had small children at home will have a lot of toys that have been forgotten in a closet or box full. The best thing is to give them to someone who needs them, but if you are creative, we give you another possibility: transform a stackable toy tower into a decorative object with spray paint. Practical recycling or upcycling project.


The stacked stones we found on the roads or on the beaches were the aesthetic expressions that inspired Dekorella. These small constructions don’t have a single meaning. To give two examples: Some believe that it is an amulet that takes care of the health of the travelers; It’s also the symbol of the balance of Zen culture. But what interests us is that they are really pretty, and that’s why we will turn a stackable toy tower into a decorative object, in our project, into a chandelier that reminds of the stacked stones.


Materials needed to transform the stackable toy tower into a candelabrum:


The process to transform a stackable toy tower into a decorative object with spray paint:

1. Sand and clean:

Let’s sand to equalize the surface. We’ll try to leave the edges perfectly rounded so that they look better once painted. Then we’ll clean them well with a cloth that is not dirty, of course. It’s very important that the cloth that we use does not have remains of polish, wax or oils.

2. Paint with a spray:

Shake the spray. This step is very important so that the components are mixed in a homogeneous way. Otherwise, the pigment precipitated at the bottom of the can come out in lumps or even clog the aerosol.

We continue, arranging the wooden discs on a cardboard or paper. We recommend using the paint plugs as a raise to seat the discs on top of the perimeter. We paint about 20 cm with the pure white of Pintyplus Evolution. We make thin layers and followed until you get to cover the discs completely. We let dry for 15 minutes and we turn them over to paint the other side. We separate and paint the rest of the pieces with the Jet black spray of Pintyplus Evolution following the same steps as with the white.


3. Varnishing:

Although it is not necessary to varnish, doing so will give us a brighter, satin or matt finish, depending on the product we use. Within the Pintyplus Evolution range, we will find all the possibilities. It is also very good to varnish in brightness one of the colors and in matt the other. We invite you to try it.


As you can see in the photographs, the black and white colors give the object a lot of elegance and sobriety. Choose the area where you are going to place your chandelier, study well what colors would be good in that area, combine them to make your chandelier. There are plenty of good possible combinations. Think, imagine, create and fulfill today’s goal: turn a stackable toy tower into a decorative object.


There are thousands of things that you can also paint with a spray. You only have to see the number of various elements that Dekorella has painted with the combination of black and white Pintyplus.


Pintypluser: Dekorella

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