DIY: how to make a height meter for children

Surely you have seen in American films about happy families those faces in the frames of the doors: Mickel, eleven years, one meter 50. Michael, fifteen years, one meter 70. And so the whole family, with their respective heights marked on the wood, to see the evolution upwards of the children. Do you want to give your son or daughter a height meter for children? Here we are going to show you, step by step, how to make an easy, cheap, fun and very beautiful one. Do you want to see it?


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Step by step: how to make a height meter for children

The goal is to make a height meter for children inspired by a road. This road has to be hung vertically on the wall, painted with the Paint Hold Pintyplus magnets, to magnetize the toy cars, which will be the ones that will mark the height of each person. Next, watch this video:

1º. Magnetize the wooden plank

First, we have to magnetize the wooden plank. To do this, we will paint it with Paint Hold Pintyplus Spray Magnets. Remember that the painting holds magnets is designed to magnetize lightweight objects. To create more attraction of the objects you have to apply more layers of paint to hold magnets. In the project you have to bring toy cars, so we apply 2, 3 layers.





2º.- Side stripes

Second, we will paint strips of some color on the sides of the road. We have painted them green, emulating the forested contours that we see in some roads. The effect is magnificent and gives verisimilitude to our road.

Pintypluser: Sra. Cricket