DIY: Personalized decorative pendant with Pintyplus Aqua

In this post, we are going to make a nice and personal decorative object hanging type. For this, Judy Scrap has used her son’s photo showing us that you can do very personal things with Pintyplus sprays. Therefore, the goal is going to be that: make a DIY: personalized decorative pendant.



  • Small frame for photo
  • Water-based spray paint Pintyplus Aqua color and texture according to taste
  • Round of Porexpan
  • Basics of cut and paste


Step by step: personalized decorative pendant in three simple steps:

1º.- Decorate the Porexpan

First of all, we have to decorate the porexpan. We can use different colors and patterns: stripes using adhesive tape, moles, stars, butterflies … Whatever you want! Look around you, among your objects you will surely find something that can be used as a template. If you don’t know them, find out more about the Pintyplus Stencil Templates. One of the qualities of this spray is that it is formulated on a water basis and will not damage the porexpan when we paint on it.



2º.- Knot the rope:

Make 4 holes to pass the rope joining the pieces of porexpan. We start with the last, we make 4 knots at the distance we want to place the second; start by measuring the distance of the first and then try to do the rest of the knots at the same distance so that the porexpan is supported symmetricallyContinue doing this successively making as many knots as you want. It depends on how long you want it!


3º.- Prepare the frame:

We prepare our frame, in this case, you can add a photo to make this pretty pendant very personal, or something much more generic to make it impersonal.


And that’s it! A nice personalized decorative pendant that perfectly serves as an ornament. And you, do you do things like that in your free time? Show us on Facebook or on Instagram, labeling us as pintyplus_oficial or using the hasta #pintyplus To continue seeing creative ideas do not forget to follow this blog.

Pintypluser: Judyscrap