How to convert a white carpet into a patterned one with spray and a stencil

It`s always said that the aerosol is an easy to use tool, cheap and that allows doing very nice things with very little time. Can convert a white carpet into a pattern with spray and a stencil. And the best part is that will do it with very little effort and the result will be wonderful. Do you want to see it?



Step by step: convert a white carpet into a spray pattern and a Pintyplus stencil

The most fun of this exercise is that it is very simple and fast, return we get a totally new carpet. I have an old carpet that you want to personalize so that you stop getting bored, we show how in this video:

1º.- Apply the adhesive on the stencil

To fix the stencil on the carpet better, it is convenient to use the removable adhesive of Pintyplus. The grace of this product is that it allows to fix things and unhook them afterwards without effort, Post-it type.


2º.- Set stencil and delimit

We look for the piece of carpet where we want to print our first figure. In our project are going to stamp a series of mandalas and are going to paint them pink.

In the area where we will want to paint the carpet, we place the template, which we have previously fixed with the adhesive. Thenwe delimit the edges of the template with adhesive tape or newspapers and cover the carpet so it does not stain.

3º.- Paint