How to make a blackboard in 3 steps with Pintyplus spray

With spray paint, you can do many things. Today we will show you how to make a blackboard in 3 steps with Pintyplus spray. In addition, we decorate it with construction pieces to give it a great look. The slate paint spray is a black and matte finish. It allows to trace with chalk and erase. It has a very high performance. It covers very well and creates surfaces of great hardness and resistance.



Step by step: how to make a blackboard in 3 steps with spray

How can you see it’s going to be very easy to carry out this project? It is one of the characteristics of the spray: speed, ease, and cheap price. Watch this video to see how we did it:

1º.- Paint with spray paint:

Paint the frame plastic with the slate spray. For a perfect finish spray the spray about 25cm from the project to small horizontal touches and then vertical. It’s better to make the thin layers so that it’s smooth and well distributed. Do not worry about the slate: it’s perfect only with a light layer of spray.

2º.- Place construction parts in the frame:

While it dries, you will see that the drying time is very short, we will place the construction pieces in the frame using a silicone gun.


3º.- Assemble the plastic painted with spray paint:

We assemble the frame by putting the plastic painted with blackboard and we will have our personalized blackboard ready.


And we have it! We have created a blackboard for our house in three simple steps. Decorative motifs may vary depending on who we do it for and where we want to place it. We would like to know what you are doing: share your work with us on Facebook and Instagram and do not forget to follow us on Spraypaint!


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