How to paint a metal handles with spray paint

Spray painting is a tool that optimizes time and the process of painting. It’s perfect for small items. And spray paint Evolution of Pintyplus is the best in the market because it is very easy to use, ensures a professional and dry result in short time. That’s why we used to teach you how to paint metal handles with spray paint. Do you want to see it?

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Materials for spray painting a knob:

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How to paint a metal handles in four steps:

We will show how to paint metal handles with spray paint in just four simple steps.

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1º.- Clean the metal handles before painting with spray

It’s very important to clean the surface where we will apply the spray paint. So we avoid the paint does not adhere well or lumps, ie, we got a perfect finish.

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2º-Apply a primer spray

Apply a primer Zinc and put a lot of attention to cover the entire surface completely, as the metal handles have enough twists and turns.

photo 5photo 6













3º.- Choose the spray paint that you like the most

Choose the color you prefer for your metal handles and choose from the multiple paints offered by the Pintyplus Evolution range. Once the primer has dried, we have applied black color in order to combine with the yellow background that we knew we would have later.

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4º.- Protect the handles with spray varnish

When it is dried, in order to protect the finish we will apply a layer of varnish with shine; handles are objects that are in constant contact and use, so it’s advisable to protect them to keep the paint intact.

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Now, we just have to put the handles back in their position and enjoy your new chest of drawers.

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As you can see, it is very easy to renew the objects with a spray. In this case, we have learned how to paint metal handles with spray paint. To see more tutorials follow this blog. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram and share your work.