How to paint a wooden furniture rich in tannins with chalk paint spray


Surely on some occasion have appeared some yellowish or pinkish spots when painting on wood with chalk paint. If you want to know how to solve it, don’t miss this tutorial to learn how to paint wooden furniture rich in tannins with chalk paint spray.

This wooden bench has a very special history as it is part of the social work Pintyplus 2017. Was presented and exposed in Creative Valencia along with another spraypaint  –  developed to paint furniture. Later it will be sent to rest to one of the floors hosts that has Sant Joan de Deu Serveis Socials in Valencia.

Our pintypluser Mari Luz de Bricoydeco and more , shows us how to give a second chance of providing a vintage style. Also explains how to resolve problems which may appear when painting a wood rich in tannins like old furniture.

What are tannins and how they act?

According to the Wikipedia tannins are chemical compounds synthesized by plants. Its main function is the defense since their intake is detrimental to microorganisms and herbivores.

Hardwoods and tropical woods are the richest in tannins. Normally they act when the moisture level of the wood is above 15%. At that time, usually, it occurs what is known as “ooze”, releasing a resinous substance through the knots of the wood.

It should be taking in mind that wood is still alive although it has been felled tree. For this reason, it’s probable that furniture made with wood rich in tannins exude by knots when a change occurs with the exterior moisture in the air. This moisture change may occur when water paints are used, for example.

In this link, you will find an explanatory post in Bricoydeco and more … more information on this topic.tannins-of-the-wood

How do I know if my furniture wood is rich in tannins?

The richest wood tannins are:

  • Conifers: Douglas fir, pine, spruce.
  • Leafy trees: oak, chestnut, cedar.
  • Tropical: iroko, ipe, teak.

There are different methods to identify the wood that the furniture was made of, but the most affordable and common are:

  • According to its outward appearance: grain, color, knots.
  • By its origin.

In this case, the wooden bench had a stamp indicating that he had made in Mexico. For this reason, it was likely that the kind of out tropical wood and rich tannins. It also had large knots that facilitated the exudate.


Tannin solution with Pintyplus

To prevent exudation of wood tannins is essential to use a product that crash. The chalk paint or is a porous filter paint and exudate, so the dreaded appear yellowish spots if it is painted directly on the wood.

To solve this problem it is sufficient to apply Universal primer Pintyplus spray or Spray Pintyplus primer for chalk paintBoth help to fix the chalk paint and also seal the pores of the wood. Thus the action of tannins is blocked, since forming a film that prevents their progress.




How to paint a rich wood furniture tannin step by step:

The materials that have been used to paint this cabinet were as follows:

The steps are listed below:


1. First, the entire surface is sanded with medium grit sandpaper and in the direction of the grain of the wood.

This process can also be done with an electric sander but must be handled very carefully because it can leave the wood fences. Therefore, to jobs that require some delicacy, making it more convenient sanding manually.



2. After sanding is very important to clean the entire surface. For this, you can use an old cloth impregnated with alcohol. Make sure all traces of dust and dirt have been removed in order to facilitate adherence.



3. They wanted to leave the seat without paint to create a greater contrast with the paint. Furthermore, it is also a way to expose part of the original raw material.

It has been used for paper and masking tape, covering the entire top of the seat.


Apply Primer:

4. The key step to block the effect of tannins and get a professional finish consists of applying primer spray Pintyplus.


Apply thin layers. The primer is not as opaque as the paint since its function is to provide anchor. For this reason, it is sufficient to apply a think layer making sure to cover the entire surface.

In that case, we must insist on the knots of the wood to prevent exudation of tannins. After applying the primer can see how yellow these areas. This is due to the exudation that occurs immediately after being in contact with the paint.

Don`t worry because once the primer process is completely dry (best to wait 24 hours), the wood will be fully sealed blocking the action of tannins.


Painting with chalk paint:

5. The next step is to paint with chalk paint sprayIt has been chosen mint green because it is especially nice and contrasts nicely with the tone of the wood.


Dry-distressing technique:

6. Once the paint has dried, we will sand the entire surface with soft sandpaper (grade 000). Thus we get the pickling/vintage style effect that we like.

To get a more realistic touch, we will insist on edges and corners to slightly lift the paint.


Waxing, polishing wax:

7. Finally, the wax is applied in spray paint on chalk. After waiting about 15 or 20 minutes was polish with a cotton cloth for the paint acquires the characteristic satin gloss wax.


After all these steps and after removing the protective paper and wax the seat, and finally left this wooden bench.


The following video tutorial shows the whole process so there cannot be room for any doubts.

If you liked this transformation and you live in or around Valencia, do not miss the opportunity to come to Creative. Watch it closely and appreciate everything that can be done with our spray paints.

Also, we hope this post has helped you to solve your doubts about how to paint rich wood furniture in tannins with chalk paint.

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