How to make a cake stand with Rose Gold spray paint

The Rose Gold is an elegant, sober and precise color that will serve you to decorate with pleasure a diversity of objects. Rose Gold spray paint has been developed in the Evolution family of Pintyplus. Here we will teach how to build and decorate a cake pie with the Pintyplus Evolution Rose Gold spray.



Step by step: how to decorate a cake pie with Pintyplus Evolution Rose Gold:

In this video, you can see how easy it’s to make a beautiful cake pie painted with the Rose Gold color of Pintyplus Evolution.

1º.- Paint the candle holder and the plate with Rose Gold spray paint

The first thing we are going to do is to paint the two objects with which we are going to build the cake base with the Rose Gold color. We have developed this color in the line of Pintyplus Evolution, the ultra-fast drying acrylic paint. Therefore, it’s necessary to follow the following instructions:

    • Shake the spray for one minute
    • Spray before using so that the paint reaches the end of the cannula and start painting with paint, not just with gas
    • Spray to paint 25 centimeters from the object
  • Soft and fast passes

Step 2

step 1

Step 2.2

2º.- Apply hot silicone on the plate painted with spray paint

The second step will be to apply hot silicone under the plate, in the exact center, to join the plate and the candle holder. How Rose Gold paint has been developed in the Evolution family, we’ll not have to wait long to put the pieces together.  With 15 minutes it will be enough for the objects to be dry and manageable.

Step 3.

3º.- Final result and decoration objects

We, in addition to the candle holder, have painted an old can so that it can perform vase functions. So we have achieved this presentation:



It’s done! How you could see it’s very easy to paint with the Pintyplus Evolution Spray. The Rose Gold color is magnificent because it gives the objects an elegant touch. We want to see how you do it and how your objects are. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. For more uses of our different paintings, you can continue visiting our blog.


Pintypluser: Sra Cricket