How to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas

If you have a wall with portraits or pictures you can add a craft that may be perfect to “highlight” the message you want. Imagine a phrase or word that inspires and imagines a color. Step by step how to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas with adhesive and spray paint.

Materials for embossing letters:

Step by step to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas:

Before starting we prepare a draft with the lettering that we have in mind and transfer it to the canvas. We can also use downloadable templates and redraw the pattern with a pencil. Do not squeeze the pencil too much so as not to leave the canvas too marked.

Once we have the drawing ready on the canvas, we´ll use the Pentart sticker and we will go over the pencil mark. This adhesive is perfect because it has the thickness and perfect drying for this DIY. The adhesive is allowed to dry completely.

When the adhesive has hardened we only have to paint. We look at the decoration of the space and look for the color of Chalk finish spray paint Pintyplus paint more suitable. Pastel shades look good anywhere, but for this stretch of the white wall, the stone color is perfect.


Spray paint Pintyplus chalk is used to uniformize the canvas:

To make the canvas uniform, we paint with water-based spray paint to keep the relief tail intact. We can use any of the chalk colors of the range. In this canvas, the stone gray color has been used. As we always do, we shake the spray about 30 seconds after hearing the mixing balls and apply to thin and continuous layers until we cover the entire surface. In 15 minutes it will be dry and ready for you to hang it. Do not forget to go around the boat and press until only gas comes out so you can use it next time.

Motivating Mottos:

We can use this DIY to write words that inspire and motivate us. Motivation is what moves us to do certain things and to persist to achieve them. The two inscriptions of the post are made and written by a Hungarian girl who tells us to be grateful and kind. Two very nice actions that say a lot about who transmits them and even more if they are together with family portraits.


You can do the same with other surfaces and objects.

What would you put? What would be your motto …

Pintypluser: Masni Dekoracio

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