Mini album with photos decorated with Pintyplus Aqua

If you want to have a nice memory of the images that you like, don’t miss this step by step. We teach you to step by step how to make a mini album with photos decorated with spray paint.

Social networks appear and disappear, but memories on paper endure over time. For this reason, Cristina de Creado por Krispis has wanted to make this mini album with photos of her Instagram account.

Not only has she kept images of his precious DIY projects on it, but also the album cover recreates the logo of this well-known social network.


  • Water-based spray paint Pintyplus Aqua.
  • 2 mm thick laminated cardboard.
  • Cardboard.
  • Cola or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Acetate circle.
  • Decorations for scrap (sequins, washi tape, vinyl stickers …)
  • Stencil templates.

How to create a mini album with Instagram photos step by step:

Different colors of Pintyplus Aqua have been combined to decorate this album. This range of paintings stands out for its low odor and its ease of use. For your application you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Shake the boat for about 30 seconds after hearing the mixing balls.

2. Perform a small test on a piece of paper to measure the distance of spray (at least 5 cm away).

3. Apply thin layers of spray paint, especially if it is on cardboard or cardboard to avoid wrinkling.


On the other hand, to make this mini album with Instagram photos you have to do the following:

1. Cut two pieces of laminated cardboard to make the cover, back cover and interior pages of the album. Being 2 mm thick, it will ensure a consistent structure.

2. Paint with Pintyplus Aqua combining the colors that you like the most. There is a letter of 18 colors to choose from, you will want to try them all!

3. With an acetate circle, the goal of the cover will be made. It will be placed as a pocket to introduce the sequins inside. For the rest of the details of the cover, cardboard of different colors will be used that will adhere with adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape.

4. For the interior, it combines decorations with washi tape, stencil, vinyl stickers, etc. In short, let yourself be carried away by your imagination to create the best background to frame your Instagram photos.




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