#pintyplushelps: Berritxuak in favor of diversity


At Pintyplus we are spray paint manufacturers. We have always thought about our craft as something more than a job. Painting gives us the possibility of changing our environment and adapting it to our taste through color. The social actions of #pintyplushelps always point in this direction: make the environments of the most disadvantaged much friendlier and more pleasant.


Help with Pintyplus spray paint:

Berritxuak set out to mount a solidary puzzle of 5,800 pieces. The collected money was to be used entirely to sponsor a project of the INKLUNI group of the UPV (University of the Basque Country) to publish a book of good practices. The goal was to achieve an inclusive school for students who suffer from a little illness frequent.

Paint with Pintyplus Aqua spray paint:

On February 23, the event took place in Durango (Bizkaia) where they assembled finally the puzzle. the event took place in Sultsan who welcomed them with all the care and affection inside your party to celebrate the 25th anniversary. It was an enjoyable event, with live music, tasting of Sultan pintxos and children’s workshops. It’s in these workshops where Berritxuak entered more dynamic of the hand of Pintyplus.

Paint furniture with spray paint:

With the spray paints, they helped to renovate part of the furniture that was used in the event.

Paint with Pintyplus spray chalk paint:

They mounted a solidary corner with the help of Chalk paintings, it was spectacular! This corner will be present at the next events that will mount the association. Finaly, and thanks to all those hands that supported them and gave so much for that day they managed to complete the puzzle and thereby achieve the goal of helping our schools to be more inclusive!

Thanks to Amaia and the Berritxuak team for this very precious initiative, and thanks to Pintyplus for trusting us for its development and for his great contribution to complete the puzzle.

Pintypluser: Amakuyi