A suitcase convert into a table with Pintyplus

We are lovers of new, groundbreaking and creative things and for that reason today we bring you this suitcase convert into a table that made us Lorena Pose of Love for Decoration and that we present with pleasure in Barcelona and Madrid so that you could all see it.

The suitcase was acquired in In the name of vintage, an online store where you can get old items to give them a second chance. As she says, she had doubts about leaving her as she was but finally decided to do something to make her unique. For that, he chose Water Blue, Antique Pink, Telemagenta, Red Lilac, Mint Turquoise and Mint Green from the Pintyplus Evolution range. This range of acrylic quality is the fastest on the market so that after 15 minutes you can manipulate the painted object. The process is always the same: to cover the areas that do not want to be painted, to give a very thin first layer for the anchoring and without expecting to go spraying the surface very softly and at a distance of about 20 cm until having the entire surface covered. If you see that there is some chiaroscuro you can correct it by painting over it or waiting for it to dry a little to make sure it’s not a matter of solvent evaporation. Always in a soft way, it’s the key to achieving a uniform layer. If you do it like this you will not have to give more layers later, you can do it at one same time.

The most complicated thing, in the end, is going from here to there with the painter’s tape. Depending on the drawing you do you will have more or less work, so patience. For the legs, it was made with an old chair, cut the legs, painted them and nailed them to the suitcase … any problem?

We liked the result very much and the truth is that it was one of the stars of the fairs it went through. I do not know if Lorena is mediatic, but her suitcase was from the first moment.

And since it’s still a suitcase in the background, it can not do anything other than travel. Next destiny: … 🙂 🙂