Customize your surfboard with pintyplus spray

There are few more spiritual activities to surf. That’s why it’s so important to feel comfortable with your board. Maybe you’re tired of seeing her always the same. Maybe you want a different design, certain colors. Your table can be as you imagine it. Therefore, customize your surfboard. Make it yours.

In this tutorial, we are going to give you an idea of how to do it. With Evolution paint, you can give your board the colors you want. And don’t suffer for painting: the Pintyplus Evolution spray.



Pintyplus Evolution

Customize your surfboard in 4 steps:

Customizing your surfboard is much simpler than you imagine. At first glance, it may seem very complicated, but it is not. We will demonstrate you on this video:

1º.- Clean the surface of the table:

Before applying the print it is important to clean the surface of the board well. We’ll do it with a chamois, to remove the dust and superficial dirt that can create lumps or hinder covering.

2º.- Printing for plastics:

Once the table is clean, we’ll apply the printing for plastics and let it dry at least 4 hours.


3º.- Draw the design:

It is advisable to draw the design so as don’t make mistakes when covering the areas to be painted. Make a sketch of what you want and then cover with masking tape the areas you do not want to paint so that only the area you want is colored.



Cover the areas you want to preserve. Apply the paint spraying about 25-30 centimeters, without


Painting 2

Customize your surfboard, it’s easy! And, why not, give it imagination and show us your designs. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and you can see many more jobs on this blog