Ideas to customize a beach carrycot with spray paint

Don’t like your beach carrycot anymore? Would you like it to be the most original of the beach? With spray paint, it is so easy and fast that you will want to have more than one. Do not miss these ideas to customize a beach carrycot and make it unique, they will want to copy it!

With the arrival of summer and good weather, the beach carrycot becomes a usual complement. They are used both on the beach and in the pool, and even to go out for a walk. Show a new and different each season is easier and cheaper than you imagine.

How to paint a beach carrycot with spray paint:

The carrycot is usually made with raffia or esparto grass. This type of material is quite resistant, flexible and porous, so it’s ideal for painting with spray paint. To know how to do it just have to see the following video tutorial or this video on how to paint wicker with spray paint. In it, a wicker basket is painted, which is a material with very similar characteristics.

The steps to follow are very simple, you just have to:

  1. Shake the aerosol can a couple of minutes after the mixing balls are heard.
  2. Apply spray paint giving thin layers vertically and horizontally. It is convenient not to get too close to the boat, but keep a distance of about 25/30 cm.

Ideas to customize a beach carrycot with spray paint:

Chalk paint in spray, stencil stencils, bodybuilder’s tape, and a little creativity was what our pintypluser Mrs. Cricket used to decorate this beach carrycot.

Leskosetesdelavicki perfectly combines our spray paint with his creations with crochet to give a sea breeze to the baskets and slippers for the beach.

If you are looking for inspiration for the beach, you will love these baskets decorated with motifs and tones reminiscent of the sea

The stars are easy to draw and very decorative, as you can see below.

But if you are looking for something simple but radically change the look of your carrycot beach, you can get inspired by these ideas to give them a touch of color.

Finally, keep in mind that beach carrycot is not just for summer. Once the summer season is over you can use them for decoration for your home. They are also very practical as containers and organizers.

7 reasons to decorate your carrycot with spray paint:

  1. You will reach all holes with a pass, even the handles.
  2. The layers of paint are so thin that you will not notice that you have painted it, even if you do it every summer.
  3. The spray paint does not dry from one year to the next.
  4. In a few minutes, you will have radically changed your old carrycot and you can take it to the beach that same day.
  5. Anyone can do it, at any age and even if he has never painted with spray paint.
  6. The color chart of our Pintyplus spray paint and Pintyplus Aqua spray paint is so varied that you will surely find your favorite color.
  7. It’s fun that they don’t tell you!

What do you think of these ideas to customize a beach carrycot with spray paint? Which one did you like the most? We would like for you to share your customized carry-cot with us. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to not miss any of our tutorials and DIY projects.