Paint a wardrope with spray Pintyplus Evolution matt white




Step by step: painting a wardrobe with spray paint:

Now we will show you how easy it`s to paint a piece of furniture with spray paint. We will do it in only five steps and it will not take us too long because the Pintyplus Evolution spray acrylic paint dries very fast. It will be very easy because it covers a lot, it does not pick up and its use is very easy.

1. Prepare the surface to paint with spray

The first thing we will do is dismantle the doors to paint them, it`s better to do it in a ventilated place. We will clean the surface well to remove traces of dust and dirt.

2. Cover the areas that we do not want to spray.

We will delimit the areas that we do not want to paint. In the case of this project, we have covered the crystals. Then we will pamper them, so we cover them with masking tape and paper.



3. Paint with matt white acrylic paint spray.

We will give the first layer of matt white Evolution spray. Once dry we will give a second layer. Remember that Pintyplus Evolution spray paint dries very fast and we will take very little between layers. With two layers is enough even though the wardrobe is so dark.


4.Barnish with Pintyplus Evolution Mate.

Let dry and we apply the Pintyplus Evolution matt varnish. We can also give two coats of varnish to better protect the surface and make the paint gain resistance.


5. Mount the doors painted with spray paint.

Once we have painted them, we will place the doors. We will cut the paper to cover the crystals and we will paper.


And that’s it! As you have seen painting with spray is comfortable, easy, economical and fun! With Pintyplus Evolution acrylic spray paint, you will get a great cover, a very fast drying, great ease in use and avoid hanging. Share your projects with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Pintypluser: Created by Krispis