How to paint an air conditioner with Pintyplus spray paint

By painting your air conditioner with spray paint, you can get rid of the yellowish appearance it acquires over time. This tutorial will show you how to renew your air device quickly, easily and economically.

Painting the walls of the house is an event. We look for excuses to delay it a few days or weeks, wishing it were painted alone. When we finally get down to work, not even 10 minutes pass with the freshly painted walls when moved by an uncontrollable inner force, our eyes go to that yellowish air conditioner stuck on the top of the immaculate white wall.

Well, something similar happened to Dekorella, but not because of the walls, but because it occurred to him to change the curtains. Luckily, he took the opportunity to make a post explaining how to paint an air conditioner with spray paint.


Materials to paint an air conditioner we will need:

These are the materials that we are going to need to make our yellowish air conditioner look new:

  1. Primer spray for plastic Pintyplus
  2. Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic spray paint (silver)


How to paint an air conditioner with spray paint:

The housing of air conditioners is usually made of different types of plastic, hence some parts look more yellowish than others. Dekorella chose to paint only the pieces that had yellowed more with a silver-tone that combined very well with the ceiling and the curtain. For this, she chose Pintyplus Evolution silver spray.

Any of the Pintyplus ranges have good adhesion on rigid plastic. However, we recommend putting a previous layer of special spray primer for plastics to improve long-term adhesion. We have a primer for this purpose that we design in colorless so as not to alter the base color. You can see the technical characteristics in Primer spray for plastic Pintyplus