DIY gifts: decorate jars with spray paint

If you are still looking for that last-minute gift, do not miss this idea to decorate jars with slate paint. Recycling glass jars and in just a few minutes, you will get a gift which will be valued for its unique style.

On many occasions, less is more. Proof of this is the next DIY in which Dekorella customizes some jars of jam with Pintyplus spray slate paint.


In addition to several glass jars with a lid, you will need:

How to decorate jars step by step:


DIY gifts: decorate jars with spray paint

The steps to follow for this transformation are the following:

  1. First, the caps of the jars will be cleaned with soap and water and any remaining adhesive label will be removed.
  2. Once they have dried, the covers are placed on a piece of cardboard or protective paper.
  3. Shake the spray for a couple of minutes and a first layer is made on a piece of cardboard. In this way, the firing pressure is controlled and that first spray that is not usually uniform is avoided.
  4. Next, the boat is kept about 25 cm away and the paint is applied. Paint with thin and continuous layers until the cover is completely covered.


Finally, the adhesive labels are placed to write on them what we want: name, expiration date, etc.


Tips for painting with slate spray paint:

The lids of the food bottles are already prepared to prevent oxidation so it is not necessary to put any type of primer. Also, Pintyplus spray blackboard paint adheres perfectly on metal, so we can be very sure that it will not jump.

You could also have painted the glass with the same slate paint. For this, a trick is to give a very light layer without covering it completely. After 24 hours, the painting is finished.

Applying the paint in this way, good adhesion and scratch resistance are achieved. In fact, the more layers of paint, the more it will resist. You just have to try it and tell us the result;)

To use chalk, it is convenient to wait another 24 hours after applying the last coat of paint. Then we can write, draw and erase as many times as necessary.

On the other hand, to get a perfect erase, rub it lightly with a cloth dampened with water.


What do you think of this idea to decorate glass jars with slate spray paint? Without a doubt, it is an elegant and practical last-minute gift that you can do by recovering some jam jars. Give them a second chance and, instead of finishing between the glass and metal containers, make them an indispensable complement to your kitchen with a very personal touch.




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Pintypluser: Dekorella