DIY of a marbled iPhone with Pintyplus

A marble-effect iPhone with spray paint? It is that you can not ask for more with these artists that we have here!

I am a Mess is a fantastic blog where you will find a lot of original DIY that can give you ideas for your own projects. It has a recycling section that is really worth it, really. In September of last year, we launched a challenge with Handbox and our paintings and he dedicated a few objects to us under the technique of marble. We have exposed one of these objects,  and a cup, a plate of tea at a couple of fairs and received a lot of praise from visitors. What he did not send us was the marbled iPhone for obvious reasons …;) In his blog, he left us the process and we will explain below.

We are going to need:

  • Self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Gloves.
  • Pintyplus Basic spray paint. The 3 or 4 colors you prefer to combine.
  • A bucket with tap water and some soap.
  • The iPhone or phone case.


His phone had a broken case and took advantage of the challenge to transform it into a unique piece.


It’s about using the bucket full of water as a trowel. Before we can add a little soap and without it foaming, we are shooting the different colors without mixing.


Then, with the help of a rod, the surface colors are mixed slightly. They should not be completely mixed, but let them draw their own waters as marble does. Without waiting for a second, we submerged the surface of the vinyl slightly with the colorful surface of the water and carefully removed it. Let dry and cut the vinyl to paste it on the iPhone case.


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