How to customize a cork with spray paint

In today’s post, we present the perfect way to convert a typical cork into a key element in the decoration of a room, in this case, a sewing studio. You already know that decorating with spray paint is very simple, economical and fun.

cork picture



Step by step: how to paint a cork with Pintyplus spray paint

Now let’s see how to decorate our cork in a few steps with Pintyplus spray paint. We have chosen two families: Basic and Chalk. The first is off-road painting: economical, versatile and functional. And the second is our decoration paint Chalk Finish Spray Paint.

1º.- Cover the areas that we do not want to paint with spray paint

We cover with newspaper leaving free the gaps we want to paint:


We make sure that the masking tape is well engaged, especially at the angle between the frame and the cork so that the paint does not slip.


2º.- Paint the spaces with Pintyplus spray paint:

We spray each of the holes with spray colors with the spray colors we have chosen and that will make our cork merge with the rest of the decoration of the sewing room. With Pintyplus Basic it is advisable to paint about 25 cm from the surface, after having prepared it conveniently. Let the paint dry.


We spray the spray about 25 cm away from the cork making a thin layer, if necessary it is better to give a second layer than not to spray too much. In this case with a layer has been ideal.


The Chalk Paint finish is matte, and with a thin layer, it has covered very well. It is important to spray the spray to short touches instead of pressing it without stopping.


Let dry before assessing whether to give a second layer so that the cork absorbs the paint well and lets out the final color.


3º.- Remove the tape from the painted surface:

Once dry, we remove the newspaper and the masking tape.


4º.- Place the eyebolt to hang the painted cork:

We put the eyebolts to hang our cork on the wall.

5º.- Look for push pins for cork:

We just have to look for some tiny pins as cute as our new cork and browse fashion magazines for seamstress inspiration.


We already have our project ready! Do you like it? If you want to share your projects you can find us on Facebook, our blog