Stripped chalk paint spray effect

Itziar, one of our most active collaborators, leaves us this tutorial video in which he shows us the effect of pickling with chalk paint spray by combining two colors that combine perfectly: mint green and broken white. Two colors with which you can bring a little fresh air to that old piece of furniture that needed an urgent change.

To start, you have to clean the entire surface well. When we treat old furniture it is very likely, if not almost certain, that it has been exposed to waxes, greases, polishes, dyes or varnishes of all kinds. Thus, the regularity of the graffiti can be altered with this type of chalk or chalk-based paints that absorb everything in the path. You can take a look at the post how to avoid stains when painting with chalk paint spray, but do not be scared. If you want to give it the vintage or shabby chic look, this is your painting. Only with a little clean, the surface will be enough. If you prefer the perfect surface, smooth and without surprises, you can give a layer of Universal Primer from our Pintyplus range and paint on top.

After cleaning, he covered the knobs that already seemed beautiful as they were and he thought. He had the combination of green and white in mind, so he used one of the drawers as a test.

She painted with mint green and with the paint still wet, he beheaded it without fear with the aluminum wool.




We wait for it to dry and spray the second layer with broken white. Before it dried, hit it again with the aluminum wool to use it gently. Mint green and dark wood will appear subtly. He liked the result, so he continued with all the furniture. The process was the same as the drawer.


As for advice, when it comes to wearing, do not be too encouraged. If you pass, you hit it again with the paint on top and nothing will be noticed.

We better leave you with the complete video so you could see the whole process:

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By Itzidreams.