How do we use an aerosol can to get a favorable result?


Spray painting requires a certain technique. For this reason, we thought it was a good idea to show you, the basic steps for the good use of spray paint.

Spray paint use:

Spray paint has many advantages, such as:

  • Its ease of application.
  • How practical it`s to not have to use / clean brushes or rollers.
  • The uniformity of the painted surface.

It is curious that this type of painting is very popular in the United States and much of Europe, while in Spain its use is less.

The basic steps for its correct use:

Shake the paint can:

Before painting, we should shake the paint can well, from top to bottom, for about a minute. We will hear the typical sound of some balls that move inside.


These balls are made of steel, small in size and used to mix the pigment that settles down over time.


Application distance:

The ideal is about 25 cm, keeping the spray can slightly be inclined to the surface to be painted.

We must press the spray button and not lose the position of the spray can. It is better to apply the paint from left to right and from top to bottom. In this way, the surface to be painted will be completely uniform.


how to paint with pintyplus spray


To finish we have to purge the spray in two steps:

  1. Press the spray button the upside-down for a few moments.
  2. Keep until what is expelled is only gas.

In this way, we can reuse the remaining paint left in the spray can on another occasion.

how to purge spray can pintyplus