In autumn not everything is brown

Summer comes to an end and the colors of the Pintyplus spray paint are distributed in
leadership. The intense tones come this autumn to give a lot of life to the world of decor. Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens come into play, they are the colors of autumn so you can decorate them.

Pastel shades will be protagonists in relaxing environments in vintage environments or Shabby Chic Different types of furniture, for example, tables, chairs or picture frames adopt this personality thanks to the spray paint Pintyplus Chalk Finish.

Simplicity is essential in this new time of the year. Therefore, the combination of warm colors with high-intensity colors will be very prominent in the world of interior design.
The Powdered Pink shade (CK793) of the Chalk Finish paint is always a timeless choice. It’s ideal to give an air of warmth to the wood of the objects of our home.

The pastel green Olivia Vintage (CK803) will also be one of the star colors for decoration and decorative simplicity of this autumn’s furniture. this color will be important thanks to its luminosity and warmth that it transmits when used in small spaces, furniture, and decorative objects. Green is identified with nature. A color that highlights its maximum artistic expression in spring, and ends up staying in ur decorative works throughout the year.

More color combinations appear, but that of, pink and green, will be an of the stars as it appears more strongly among the opinions of interior designers, influencers and decorators. A trend that remains fashionable over the years. Its possibilities are really wide thanks to the variety of tones that we can find in the range of
Pintyplus colors.

The combination of these two tones gives a balance as long as they are not used in excess. The mixture that is attractive for both large furniture and smaller objects.

Como mencionamos al principio de este artículo, los colores con gran energía son importantes en el mundo de la decoración. Destacamos la mezcla en sus tonos más intensos de Pure Orange  (RAL 2004) y Ultramarine Blue Blue (RAL 5002) de la gama Pintyplus Evolution para transmitir sentimientos de sobriedad. Por otro lado, las propuestas con más potencia cromática se presentan gracias a la mezcla de rojo, amarillo, verde y rosa.

With the Pintyplus Evolution range, you can obtain excellent results easily and simple to apply. It’s important to note that this painting in a spray is immediate drying serves both indoor and outdoor and adheres to the multitude of surfaces: plastic, metal, wood, stone … it paints everything!

With autumn weather conditions change: the rains descend the temperatures and metal objects that are part of our homes become more vulnerable to these adverse conditions. Grates, fences, metal structures …
We recommend the use of the Pintyplus Tech range. With this type of spray paint, you can
protect from corrosion and oxidation any type of metal surface that will be
exposed to high humidity levels.

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