Organizer with cans

Are you looking for some crafts so that your children entertain themselves while developing their creativity? This idea will show you how to make a beautiful organizer with cans and spray paint. Don’t miss the step by step.

With the arrival of good weather, the school day is reduced and it is necessary to look for refreshing activities that capture the attention of the children. For this reason, this craft proposed by Ire’s Workshop has enchanted us, since we also recycle.

The materials you will need for this organizer are the following:

Step by step for making the organizer with cans and spray paint:

The essential first step is to clean. We clean the canned cans with soap and water to remove any grease or dirt. We wait for them to dry well.

As we always recommend, it is better to give several thin layers than not one thick to prevent the paint from dripping. Next, we wait 15 minutes for the paint to dry.

The next step will be to draw on a piece of cardboard the pineapple leaves and the top cover that we can do using the same can. Then we cut them and paint with Pintyplus water-based paint.

Next, Pintyplus Basic spray paint green NVS B186 will be used to draw pineapple details. To do this, Ire has taken advantage of the concavity of the spray base to pour the paint and impregnate with it a brush. In this way, the cans are decorated to paint the characteristic decoration of the pineapple.

Finally, the three cans are stacked and the pineapple leaves will adhere.

After following these steps, we can save those little jewels that we have, in each of the compartments of this organizer with cans.

Pintyplus Aqua and water-based paint Pintyplus:

It is important not to confuse Pintyplus Aqua of 400 ml with the new version Pintyplus Aqua of 2017 and 150ml. The first is bright paint, while the second is paint with lower pressure.

That is, the new Pintyplus Aqua 2017, is designed to work for example scrapbooking techniques or decorative elements of reduced size. One of its main advantages is that it does not cause a cloud of dust or stain beyond what you want.

What do you think of this simple DIY project? On this occasion, Ire has used different qualities of the Pintyplus color range, although thanks to the varied color chart that we have each of them, you can do it with the one you prefer.

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