Christmas decoration in red and gold

When the winter holidays arrive our home transforms. Time to recuperate the boxes with the decorative elements which we store for these holidays, prepare new compositions with Christmas motifs. These small – or not so small  – compositions convert our home in a warm and cozy where to celebrate unforgettable moments with our loved ones.

Besides transforming our home in a color festival where the gold, the silver, and the red are the main protagonists, creating handmade details as gifts in these holidays it is a colorful and grateful resource. What better than to thank a family meal or dinner by adding a decorative element made with our hands, a fist of imagination having a perfect finish with a touch of colors from the Pintyplus ranges.


The metallic shining effects accompany these holidays is such a way that they are like Christmas carols and shortbreads. Red, gold, silver including the brass and the rose gold metallic effect. These last two tones are showy in a gorgeous way in order to change the classic and conventional colors without giving up to the metallic effect. Of course, we can go even further and alternate with other colors form the Pintyplus EVOLUTION metallic effect like the red and or the blue colors; the colors will look great in baubles, hanging decorations, tree toppers for the Christmas tree, paint lanterns, and centerpieces.

To paint more absorbent materials, like paper, cardboard, fabric or wood also is recommended to use the chrome effect two colors: silver and gold from the Pintyplus Art& Crafts range and also the silver from the minis aqua 150ml. The effect that leaves more discrete, but also creating the metallic effect which we so much appreciate on these holidays. as you can see the combinations are infinite!

Paint decorative objects for corners from your house


It is undeniable that the red, followed by the green, are the traditional colors for these holidays, but when it started to be so popular? In reality, the origin goes back in time from the night of times. According to some traditions, these were the only colors because these were the only pigments that were available at that time. Also for using the natural elements to decorate houses and places of worship. The plants that flourish in this period of the year they usually have those combinations of colors.

In the case of the mistletoe and the holly; even is the holly is the most colorful from the two ones, in reality, the mistletoe is the one that usually is being given as a gift as an amulet, having small fruits of a wite color. There is another plant that usually is given as a gift too, is the poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) a very colorful plant with red leaves which is originally from Middle America.

Green, red and also the white (which symbolizes the purity but also the color of the snow) are the most used colors for decorations these so special days. To paint diverse decorative accessories using these colors we have a nice range of tonalities in the Pintyplus Evolution acrylic paints. This line of products offers no less than 8 different shades of red, passing gradually from vermillion to old wine and the green are available 9 shades. Hard not to find the one you are looking for!

For materials such as paper or fabric, there is available a nice range of lighter colors in the Pintyplus AQUA, with punkish reds and yellowish greens. As to the white, a lot depends on the object you’ll paint and then choosing the appropriate range. Applying a thin layer of white on fir twigs, natural objects as fir cones or wood, on lanterns,  etc, will be the counterpoint to the other colors. The magic sits in combining all of them!