Reasons why we love the DIY for arts and crafts

We are speaking about a legion of moms, traditional housewives and creative single persons which are fans of the DIY applied to the arts and crafts. They are both pleasant and grateful activities. The entire Pintyplus team had it clear since the beginning: the DIY and the arts and crafts it is a stream for the spray paints with an extremely easy applying and fast drying. It’s about making it as easy as possible this so delicate work, but which also needs to take advantage of the time and make the best use of it.

The Do It Yourself fever or ‘make it yourself‘ started in the ’50s in the United States. This is the reason we know it with the original signs from the English language ”DIY” and not from the Spanish language which would be something like ”hum”… It is better to forget it. It has been in action for many years and the Internet facilitated the resurge of all this maker culture thanks to the infinity of tutorials that exists, so it has no intention to end. Rather the opposite, it is a growing trend which seems to have no end, since it is a lifestyle culture.

In fact, it is nothing new. The first DIY which we make every day is our homemade breakfast. Yes, yes, what we daily prepare for breakfast, eating and lunch. Why wouldn’t we then fallow the same pattern creating new things improving, embellishing our own daily life?  This is one of the reasons for which we love the DIY for the arts and crafts. But there is even much more. As you can see, we love this tendency and we only find benefits.

Unleashing your creativity

With your hand on your heart… isn’t it this the first reason? We all love from time to time to feel like artists. There are some of them very good, but the majority we are satisfied with having nice results and originals. This type of work does not require tonnes of manual talent, not even an artistic one, and this is precisely what converts these creations into something fantastic. It gives us the freedom to express ourselves without any stress added, the requirement limit is set by us although only with giving it some desire and chose well the materials we have half of the success guaranteed.

Revalue crafts and the paints

Within the culture of DIY is the idea of recovering the value of handicrafts in counterpoint to the most elitist art or industrial production. Aesthetics, materials, manual work, is a set of elements that identify the crafts made by oneself. It is the furthest thing from cold mass-produced objects and brings the personal touch, the same with which it is made, and also that colorful aesthetic that we love. Permits us to create unique objects which maybe never will become a Picasso or a Dalí, but its value consists of the minutes of love and good intentions from which it is made.

Upcycling and the chance to a second life for the objects in your house

Well, well… and what about this reason, what do you think? To transform a used metal can into needles and sharp things recipient to keep helping this way to the recovery and sustainability of the planet. Saving cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, tetra bricks, and old fashioned objects in order to reuse them make us feel special. Sometimes, it’s only enough to spray a small quantity of Pintyplus CHALK on an old piece of furniture, or with Pintyplus BASIC any plastic or metal can, for this rescued object from the trash bin to look like another one and shine like a new decorative object which just has been bought.

A small inversion to decorate the house

To be able to make something new from used objects is an enjoyable activity because the cost is very low. On occasions, it is sufficient something very old, a piece of cardboard, wood, leaves, and with any cheap objects… Adding scissors, fabric, laces and different colors we’ll have a decorative object which can barely be differentiated from the one bought in any store. Even more, with a wide range from Pintyplus MINIS AQUA 150ml or the Pintyplus ARTS&CRAFTS, we have a great variety of colors to paint on any light material like fabric or paper.

Create a community with other passionate lovers of paint and from decoration fields

Create groups and communities, on occasion, it is what moves us to decorate new objects using new styles and share with the other members. Some of us just want to express ourselves because so and in other cases just use used objects and personalize them with a low inversion. Then, are the ones which find the perfect excuse using the crafts to show to the entire world their style and share it with all of them. Between them are our Pintyplusers which continuously contribute with new ideas to decorate spaces or customize objects. The truth is the making crafts brings new friends. Maybe from social media networks giving tips and showing tutorials or bringing together friends to share a creative afternoon. And with lots of cookies!


And a long etcetera

When an action gives us so many satisfactions, almost always we are short when it comes to choosing some of its advantages. We thought to the most important, but there are many more when it comes to speaking about the culture of the DIY applied to the crafts: we save money, it entertains us, surprize anyone with handmade gifts and decorate our home to our liking. Even to start your own business!

Not always is easy to find the perfect combination of what we desire and the color we want. For this, you have so close the possibility of customizing the furniture, any objects, sections of walls, surfaces and many materials with the acrylic paint Pintyplus EVOLUTION or the fashion colors in spray from the Pintyplus HOME range. For DIY  and decoration lovers without any doubt, this is your paint!