How to paint iron objects with Pintyplus Tech

The universe of spray paint has no limits, from our I+D department, we never stop researching to create new colors and ranges for all types of objects and materials. This time we will talk about the good results obtained when painting wrought iron objects with Pintyplus Tech.

This material has its own characteristic and requires painting of greater thickness and resistance since if it is exposed to humidity or weather, it oxidizes easily. We find this material in railings, objects and outdoor furniture, so they need maintenance and a paint resistant to sun and rain.

A range of paintings designed for DIY and restoration

The forge is a metal structure that is molded to shape it by pressure (through presses) or by impact using special hammers.

Due to the durability of iron, it is customary to inherit this type of decorative family pieces, such as bedheads or antique hangers. These old pieces are not always well preserved, so a coat of paint can help us rescue them if they are damaged. The Pintyplus TECH spray has two functions: primer and paint, to facilitate restoration.

Priming is the process by which a surface for painting is prepared. It serves to match the absorption of the paint and turn it into pictorial support. This product saves us much of the work after a smooth sanding, by its formula that unifies the surface while spraying the paint

When the surface to be treated is in very bad condition, it is recommended to use a stripper beforehand, which removes paint and varnishes of any kind. We recommend, in case of gates and bars in very poor condition, apply the Pintyplus GREENOX spray. Once sprayed, leave on several minutes and then clean with soap and water. Then, we have the surface ready to be painted again.

Iron gates, railings, and auxiliary furniture

The wrought iron furniture pieces have unmistakable styles linked to the use of this material: the vintage, the Ibizan and the Moroccan style. Forged metal objects do not have to stick to traditional black. You can play with different shades to give a color note. Black can be the wild card color that we will use in the handles and knobs of doors and windows, or in the legs of tables, but there are other colors that give a lot of play. A matte black gives a touch of sobriety and elegance, but the gray or blue will introduce a brighter note in any corner.

The Pintyplus TECH Forja sprays have trendy colors that give a matte and aged finish ideal for vintage decoration. The blue color (Blue FJ826) has a turquoise tone that gives an Ibiza style to bars, railings, tables, and chairs. It is ideal for decoration in fishing-inspired houses, such as the homes of former fishermen. The green and red have an aged finish that makes them ideal for country houses or with gardens. They are two tones that are great in gates.

This range of paints is antioxidant and abrasion-resistant, so in addition to restoring and decorating, it will serve to protect wrought iron structures where they are applied for a long time.