Decorative ideas with pallets and Pintyplus HOME

Good ideas go a long way and allow us to change the decoration of our space for a small budget. For this reason, we present you with some very decorative ideas with pallets and Pintyplus HOME spray paint. And the best, very cheap and easy to do!

DIY and painting decorating tasks seem easy in the hands of trained pintyplusers. But, in reality, they are within the reach of anyone since pallets are structures with which even our grandmother can make a piece of furniture. And then, using Pintyplus spray paint, we are left with a colorful and supercurrent furniture.

In this case, it´s wood, it´s better to choose water-based paints, which are spray paints suitable for painting at home. Pintyplus HOME water-based paint doesn’t smell, it doesn’t stain, and its dust is minimal, so it allows working in closed spaces. Its the first typically decorative spray paint. For hygiene and safety, we always recommend a disposable mask for work, and now more than ever!

Ideas for making small furniture and structures with pallets

Pallet rack or planter

It`s as easy as disassembling the pallet structure, taking one of the individual pieces, cleaning and sanding it. As in the previous cases, you can leave the natural color of the wood by applying wax or a coat of water-based spray varnish. Or, paint it in the color that we like the most from the Pintyplus HOME water-based paint, which has soft colors that combine well with wood. Then you can hang hooks to put pots, keychains, or whatever you want …

Sofa frame with pallets and cushions

To build the structure of the sofa, simply place two rows of tablets on top of each other. The advantage they have is that we can give the height that we want, so we can put only one or three, although the ideal height will be two. To fix them well on top of each other, a resistant glue such as Permanent Adhesive spray Pintyplus.

To build the backrests, the two-pallet structure is dismantled.

You can leave the color of the natural wood, applying a layer of spray varnish for wood, or paint it in the color that we like the most with water-based spray paint in soft colors such as those of Pintyplus HOME spray paint. Thus they will be easier to combine with the cushions and mattresses that will complete the structure of the sofa, and will be those that will add the note of color.

Pallet table

For the pallet table, we also have many creative options. The simplest is to take a pallet structure and stack one or two until the desired height is reached. To fix them better, it is always recommended to apply a coat of Pintyplus TECH spray adhesive. And once done, add some legs that can be made of any material: wood, metal, brick … Although the ones we like the most are the industrial wheel legs since they make the table a very versatile auxiliary piece of furniture. In fact, it’s not difficult to find pallets or wooden structures with added wheels, but if not, we can buy them at any DIY store, hardware store, or online store.

It’s imperative that the tabletop look clean. We suggest two options:

The final finish of the table, with stripping, matt or glossy spray varnish or fixing a tempered glass on top, will finish giving the personal touch that we want

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