How to Decorate a Wall with Pintyplus Stencils and Spray Paint


A blank wall is a safe value because it expands the spaces and makes them brighter by reflecting light. But it doesn’t hurt to create depth and personalize the walls by applying touches of color. To make it easier, the Itzidreams pintypluser explains how to decorate a wall with templates and Pintyplus spray paint.

For this step by step, we will focus on all the details, starting with creating your own spray paint stencils. In this way, we can give it the shape we want, although we remind you that you can also buy stencil templates to paint Pintyplus, although with this step by step it’s very easy to make your own stencil template drawings. We tell you how!


  • Removable Adhesive Spray Pintyplus ART.
  • 1 can of Pintyplus HOME Thundercloud Grey.
  • 1 can of Pintyplus HOME Rainy Grey.
  • 1 can of Pintyplus HOME White Milk.
  • Pintyplus HOME spray push-button set.

For templates:

  • Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Cutter.

Step 1. Draw stencil template drawings on paper

You can choose the leaves as they are in the example, or any other paint that you like. In this case, it is very simple: it is about drawing the silhouette of a leaf on a piece of paper, which you will later cut out. You can do it by hand, copy it or trace it from another template, as you prefer!

Step 2. Cut with a cutter the parts that you will later paint

With the cutter, cut out the silhouettes you have drawn to leave those parts empty and create the template. Once you have one done, you can use it to draw several of the same templates.

Step 3. Prepare your mural with the templates for spray painting

To prepare the mural on the wall, you must first glue the papers with the templates you just created. Spray the papers with Pintyplus ART adhesive spray. It’s easy to stick and peel off adhesive, which will do very well to reuse the template by changing it. To fix more, if you want you can put adhesive tape on the ends to prevent it from moving or falling.

Step 4. Apply the first coat of Pintyplus HOME spray paint

Once you have attached the spray paint stencils to the wall, you can now apply color with the Pintyplus HOME spray cans. For the first coat or color, we have chosen Pintyplus HOME HM418 water-based paint, Thundercloud Gray color.

Spray on the templates you have placed, to create the first layer of color.

Step 5. Change the thickness of the lines by changing the nozzles.

To create different effects, change the nozzle and add another Pintyplus HOME dispenser. When spraying, the thickness will be with different textures, giving depth to the whole of the wall. The effect will be more or less diffuse since the spray paint will be applied in a more concentrated way or less depending on the nozzle. The yellow nozzle concentrates more on the paint thickness when exiting the spray can, while the red nozzle sprays a larger thickness of spray paint.

You can alternate the thickness by applying the same color, in different templates, or by changing the color.

Step 6. We repeat the same process changing the colors of spray paint

The time has come to make another layer! Let it dry for about 30 minutes, peel off the templates and put them in another order, inverting the templates, overlapping them, etc …

To create the effect of depth and color on the wall, in this second (and/or third layer) you will use other colors. For this example, we have used the Pintyplus HOME HM417 Rainy Grey spray paint can, and the Pintyplus HOME HM112 White Milk spray paint can. These colors have a similar range but in different intensities.

Step 7. Let dry and … Done!

After a few minutes, you can take off all the paint stencils you have used from the wall. If any of them have not turned well, you have 15 minutes to remove the spray paint with soap and water. If you are happy with the result, let the wall dry for 1 hour so that it is completely dry … And you already have a nice decorative mural!

Decorating a wall with Pintyplus stencils and spray paint is super easy!