How to paint a stool with Pintyplus EVOLUTION fluorescent paint

If you have a damaged stool, you are interested in this article where you will see how to paint a stool with Pintyplus EVOLUTION fluorescent paint. In case you hadn’t noticed … Yes, the fluorescent colors are becoming fashionable and are beginning to be a trend. We see them hovering in shop windows and magazines, in decoration the fluorescent colors are going to be a hit this year!

With this step by step of the pintyplusers @jipijapas we show you how to transform a stool with fluorescent spray paint, from foot to seat. It is entertaining but you will have a very modern stool, regardless of the material it is made of since Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic fluorescent paint is suitable for painting all kinds of material: metal, wood, leather, plastic … Let’s get started!


  • Stool.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Cloth.
  • Disposable mask.
  • 1 can of Pintyplus EVOLUTIONS NVS F143 fluorescent paint.
  • 1 can of Pintyplus EVOLUTION NVS F118 fluorescent paint.
  • Pintyplus “Be a Pintypluser” spray gun.

Steps to decorate and paint with spray paint the stool of your house:

Step 1. Disassemble the stool that you are going to paint with the screwdriver

To start, disassemble the parts with an electric screwdriver or, with a manual screwdriver. In this way, we will separate the legs of the seat. If your stool has more parts, you need to take them all apart so you can cover them well when spraying the spray paint.

Step 2. Clean the parts and prepare the surface

Once you have disassembled the pieces, prepare the surface to work. Clean well with a cloth dampened in soap, or an anti-grease, cleaning product, etc., so that it is very clean. If necessary, instead of cloth wipe with a sponge, which is used to clean dishes or kitchen. In the event that it has traces of paint or rust, we advise you to use abrasive sandpaper, a brush or a Greenox paint stripper spray if it had previously heavily embedded paint.

Protect the workplace from splashes by covering it with paper or plastic, and if you have a large cardboard box you can use it to put a piece inside or support it when painting so that it acts as a splash barrier.

Step 3. Attach the Pintyplus spray gun before painting

For more comfortable painting, place the Pintyplus gun on top of the spray can. Fix it to the mouthpiece where the button is. This Pintyplus gun has a universal measure and will help you paint cleaner and more rested for your hand.

Step 4. Paint the stool seat with Pintyplus EVOLUTION fluorescent spray orange

Next, put the Pintyplus EVOLUTION orange NVS F143 fluorescent spray paint -or any other fluorescent color you have chosen
at a distance of 25-30 cm and apply it in quick and thin layers.

Step 5. Paint the stool legs with blue EVOLUTION fluorescent spray

Next, place the Pintyplus Spray Gun into the Pintyplus EVOLUTION Blue NVS F118 Fluorescent Paint Can, and spray in thin, quick coats. As this acrylic paint is quick-drying, we recommend you to repaint a second thin coat after 15 minutes, before applying a single thick coat. The result will be much more uniform and you will avoid drips or lumps.

Step 6. Let the paint dry and remount the stool

Let dry for 15 minutes. After this time, you already have your dry stool. If desired, you can apply a protective coat of varnish before mounting.

Again, assemble the stool parts with the electric screwdriver and this step ends our guide on how to paint a stool with Pintyplus EVOLUTION fluorescent paint

You already have a stool in fluorescent colors that will be the joy of the house!