Restoring jewelry with Pintyplus Diamond spray

Do you like jewelry? Do you have jewelry and costume jewelry of sentimental value but lackluster? If you are an expert or not, cleaning and restoring jewelry with Pintyplus Diamond spray is easy. Pintyplus Diamond line spray cans are intended for artists, jewelers, and artisans who create or restore jewelry. And hobbyists will also enjoy how easy this job is with the right materials.

Therefore, we want to discover how Pintyplus Diamond makes each task easier with the right spray can to cover every part of the process. Paint, spray varnish, blower, lubricant ... Everything you could possibly need, including the workspace cleaner.


Handling small pieces requires patience, manual skill and a great sense of detail. Not because of its size does its industry go unnoticed; rather, a well-made piece of jewelry or costume jewelry is fast distinguishable from one in which details have been neglected. That is why it´s useful to have a specific product for each part, and if it is in spray much better: it saves time and covers the part evenly. We explain how to use each Pintyplus Diamond spray bottle to restore pieces of jewelry or jewelry and make them look like new.

Restaurar joyas con Pintyplus Diamond spray

Clean old fashion jewelry or jewelry with Pintyplus spray blower

A classic! The jewels inherited from your loved ones, those of communion, those earrings or rings that you kept a thousand years ago in a drawer and have now become fashionable again …Even if you are wearing them, such as rings and earrings, which usually accumulate grease, soap, and dirt in general.

To clean or restore the jewelry, the first thing to check is the materials. If these are delicate, as in the case of precious stones, or jewelry that can corrupt, rust or lose enamel, we must resort to an appropriate product. In all these cases, we cannot use solvent-based products or corrosive components. Our recommendation is to use a gas-based spray blower.

The Pintyplus Diamond spray blower removes dust from small parts where dirt accumulates, reaching all gaps. It`s recommended for cleaning clockwork mechanisms, locks or small pieces made of delicate materials. Its application is with a pressure jet, affecting the areas where there is more accumulated dirt.

It also serves to clean the keyboard of our electronic devices – oh, great! – and the workspace if we are to work on a surface free of dust and particles. It is very useful for any craft or craftwork that requires a clean surface, we already know from experience the rage that a perfect job has finished, where a tab, a crumb of bread or a semi-transparent strand has been stuck that under the varnish ends up becoming in real trouble.

If there are embedded stains, then it is best to first use the Pintyplus Diamond spray cleaner, which has an alcohol-based composition. This spray bottle is a very useful product for cleaning and disinfecting materials, parts and tools in jewelry or costume jewelry workshops thanks to its alcohol formula. A plus!

Diamond cleaning spray is used to remove grease, oil, label residue and even paint stains. Not only for watchmaking or jewelry: also for cleaning electronic devices, mobiles, keyboards or screens. The cleaner should be used with caution: never on painted surfaces, spraying about 25 cm with a quick pass, and then rubbing with a cloth to remove dirt.

Pintyplus Diamond paint for jewelry or costume jewelry

Restoring jewelry is not just about cleaning it. An important part is a color, as long as we use materials exclusively made to paint jewelry or handmade jewelry. Pintyplus Diamond Spray Paint is created by and for jewelry professionals and is a very useful tool for applying color, changing color or restoring it.

This spray paint for metal, glass, wood, hard plastic, cardboard, plaster, fabric, and cement offers a very good result. It is not simple golden spray paint, but it has a range of varied colors, full of intensity and shine. Red, blue, lilac, black, green … Very vibrant colors that will provide the appropriate touch of light and color.

Pintyplus Diamond jewelry paint is always applied after having applied a cleaning product that has left our jewel free of dust and dirt. Just spray at a distance of 20cm in thin and fast layers. What is impressive is the drying speed of this jewelry spray paint: superficial drying in 10 minutes, and 15 minutes for total drying. Once dry, spray varnish is applied to protect the pieces from rust and the passage of time.

As you can see, restoring your jewelry with Pintyplus Diamond spray is easy and fast.

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