How to renovate metal chairs with spray paint

The good weather seems to be here to stay, and that makes us start preparing balconies, terraces, and outdoor patios for our house. Pintyplusers Jipijapas presents us with a project about how to start enjoying these areas of the house. To start the task, we show you in this post how to renew metal chairs with Pintyplus spray paint.

When we start preparing, we always like to give it a new air compared to last year, either by adding something to the decoration or transforming those elements that we already have. To do this, we are going to show you the transformation of our metal chairs with spray paint. Chairs that were long enough and needed a facelift and why not … a change of style.

As always, painting with Pintyplus sprays is super easy. On this occasion, the sprays that we have chosen, PintyPlus Evolution as an exterior metal paint due to its adherence and durability, are ideal, and our product is a stainless spray Pintyplus.

The first step is to clean the surface to be painted. Before starting to paint it`s very important that the object that we are going to decorate is clean and dry. In this way, the spray paint will have a better grip on the surface and the finish will be perfect. With our chairs ready, we begin to paint.

Exterior Metal Spray Paint Colors

In our project, we have chosen four colors of Pintyplus EVOLUTION to paint our 8 chairs; 2 with each of the colors:

  • Telemagenta RAL4010
  • Traffic Yellow RAL 1023
  • Traffic purple RAL 4006
  • Grassgreen RAL 6010

Pintyplus EVOLUTION is also a spray paint for exterior plastic that would give us spectacular results in this type of material.

We recommend you paint the chairs evenly, with thin layers of paint ensuring that we don’t have any detail left unpainted. It’s always preferable to apply two thin layers of spray paint than one with a large amount of paint as it can create damage or an unwanted finish.

Painting each chair in a single color is very simple. In addition, Pintyplus EVO spray paint is highly covering that adheres perfectly to the surface without the need for primer or any previous treatment.

As you can see in the video, with a single pass we cover perfectly and you can see the change we have made to our chairs.

Next, we let it dry completely and check that we have not left any unpainted areas. If so, now is the time to review it.

Once our chairs have been touched up in those more complicated places, it is time to let them dry completely so that we can begin to enjoy them.

In our project, we have not varnished or applied any extra product since this type of spray paint can stand perfectly outdoors. But if you prefer it or they are chairs that are going to have a lot of wear, we could apply a varnish to grant more protection.

As you can see, in one afternoon or even less time we can give a new style to our garden chairs, ourselves and for very little.

Do you dare to transform your outdoor furniture with Pintyplus EVOLUTION spray paint?