Spray paint colors

The meaning of colors is very important when it comes to manifesting our creativity. Whatever is the project, be it restoration, recycling, DIY … it will be important to know what each of them transmits. There are colors that evoke luck, love, intensity, energy … depending on the nature of your work, the emotion of painting with the spray will have a certain message.

Spray paint colors:

Blue NVS B187 ( Pintyplus BASIC spray paint)

It`s the expression of security and calm. A color associated with the intelligence, honesty, and strength of people. It is the color of the sea that represents the kind and the delicate.

Traffic red RAL 3020 (Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic spray paint)

Symbol of passion, and love. Red is the blood that runs through our veins. It`s fire and power, energy, and vitality when spray painting. The enthusiasm for life and not being afraid of anything.

Orange RAL 2009 (Pintyplus BASIC spray paint)

The color that transmits happiness, energy, and fun. It is the expression of the creative, the happy, and the sociable. It is the saffron color, the fun, the positive, and that never goes unnoticed.

Yellow Chick AQ303 ( Water-based spray paint Pintyplus Aqua)

It`s logical, warm, and confident. It symbolizes the curious and is also a contradictory color. For some cultures, it is a symbol of wealth, and for others of bad luck. It is light, gold, and energy.

Green Wood HM416 (Pintyplus HOME spray paint)

Good luck symbol. Green evokes nature. It is the expression of the serenity and harmony of spray paint. It is the color of the freshness of the grass of a meadow, a relaxing tone wherever it occurs.

  Traffic Purple RAL 4006 (Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic spray paint)

Associated with luxury, magic, and spirituality. It is the force of feminine energy. It is a calm, relaxed, and sober color.

Black Plumb CK799 (CHALK finish spray paint Pintyplus)

A very intense color. It symbolizes mystery, elegance, and also sensuality and loneliness. It is the absence of light and darkness. Their meanings are diverse according to each culture.

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