How do you paint a phone case

The mobile phone goes with us almost anywhere and has become vital, and we can also paint it with Pintyplus. Style it to our liking, and therefore it is possible to paint the cover of your mobile and give it the style you want.

The cases of the mobiles themselves are deteriorating, they are losing color and this is due to the sun, the use, the humidity, when touching it with our hands that may be stained … everything affects the material with which they are made.

Many users use phone cases, there are different sizes but above all different materials, plastic, silicone … it’s recommended to choose the model that best protects your phone.

Can choose the model you prefer and customize it with our spray paint. So we are going to teach you how to paint your phone case in different ways so that you achieve the result you want.

Paint your phone case step by step

1. The first thing is to choose the color and finish of the mobile case

As much as restoring a casing or redecorating it from scratch you will need to know what type of color you want and also if you want it more satin, matte, or glossy, this will depend on your tastes in Pintyplus paint spray you will find the color and finish you need.

2. It is absolutely necessary to clean the phone case

Whether they are old or new, it is normal and common for the covers to have grease or any other element that damages the adhesion of the paint on the surface, for this, there are ways to clean it, you can use an Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus for all types of surfaces, 100% Isopropyl Alcohol in aerosol with improved dispersion for deep cleaning of objects and surfaces. Recommended for domestic and professional use.

3. Primer to paint silicone case or plastic

The vast majority of the casings are silicone or plastic, so it is necessary to make a primer, the primer is nothing more than a layer that allows the paint to be better attached to the surface and its durability will be better.

4. Design to customize mobile phone case

You may want your one-color case, or you may want to play with a more elaborate design, there isn’t much difference between one and the other except time and steps.

For a single-color design, you don’t have to worry about a thing, but for a design with more colors or shapes, once the primer has been made and that layer has dried, you have to cover the part of the casing that you don’t want to paint with colored tape. so that when you apply the paint spray to the uncovered area it does not affect the rest.

It is important that you protect everything around it, either with a cardboard base or with plastic bags, be sure to cover everything before you start spraying.

5. Paint the phone case

Once the primer is done and if you have covered any area it is time to paint, for this you must apply the paint spray about 15-25 cm away, making movements from left to right and from top to bottom, in this way we will achieve a uniform layer.

If you have opted for a more elaborate design with other colors and shapes, wait until the paint has rested and dried, each painting has its recommendation, usually, it is 15 minutes, but you have done them much faster, once dried you can remove the insulating tape that covers a part of the housing and cover the area that you already have painted to avoid color problems.

As you can see you can paint the cover of your mobile and give it the style you want in a very simple way.

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