How to Paint a Chest of Drawers with Spray Paint

Surely we all have an old chest of drawers at home that we no longer know where to place or that no longer fits us with our current decoration. This does not mean that we have to get rid of it, we can give it a new style and with it a second chance.

With Pintyplus sprays, it’s very easy, and in just one morning we can have our chest of drawers as new and with a completely different style.

Let’s start with our transformation.

1. As always, before starting to paint we recommend cleaning the entire surface well. In the case of our chest of drawers, we are going to take advantage to remove the handles.

2. Our drawer unit is made of plywood, therefore to prepare our surface and for the paint to adhere much better we will apply a universal primer layer. In this way, the finish will be more resistant.

With the primer we help the paint adherence to be much better and more durable, so we recommend it for surfaces that are not porous like this and will also have a lot of use.

5. The drying time is relatively fast, after 20 minutes everything will be dry to the touch and we can manipulate it.
5. Now we just have to put our drawer in its new place, and enjoy it!

As you can see with very little and in less than a morning we can have our chest of drawers restored and with a different and more current style. In this way, we can extend the life of our furniture and enjoy it much longer.

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