How to paint a door with spray paint

The doors are an element of a lot of contacts, they suffer friction, knocks, scratches and the passage of time ends up affecting the painting. That is why it is recommended to learn how to paint a door with spray paint, renovate and decorate your house in an easy, fast, and to your liking way.

Before starting the creative process it is necessary to know the material that we are going to paint. Wooden or metal doors are the most common, but there are also PVC or even polypropylene doors. This will make us choose one type or another of spray paint or primer. Or follow the same steps that are performed when:

Paint a wooden cabinet with spray without sanding

Painting a wooden cabinet or door without sanding can be a problem. For the final result, some wooden elements that are not sanded may not have the surface prepared to receive a coat of paint. Sanding helps open the pore of the wood and improves the anchorage of the spray paint. It will also be very important to clean the remains of grease, dust, or any other substance to obtain a good finish.

To paint a door, if it’s badly damaged, we recommend sanding it. The result will be better and more professional. If a few scratches are what you do have, pickling may help. As we have already mentioned, what is necessary is to do at least one surface cleaning. You can use an Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus that completely cleans the door or cabinet.

The steps to paint a wooden door without sanding are these:

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Apply primer
  3. Once dry, start painting with Pintyplus BASIC, HOME, CHALK, or EVOLUTION.

Paint a shabby chic effect door with Chalk paint

If our door is made of wood, we can give it that vintage or shabby chic touch with Pintyplus CHALK (chalk paint) as lovers of our spray paints know it. To achieve this effect, you have to do a series of basic steps:

  1. We recommend sanding
  2. Clean the surface
  3. Apply a specific primer Spray Pintyplus primer for chalk paint
  4. Once everything is dry, start painting with CHALK paint spray paint

The steps are simple and the technique corresponds to the type of spray paint you use. If it is Pintyplus CHALK PAINT, the result will be professional as long as you follow the directions for use of the product.

Step one may in some cases be expendable. But it is highly recommended since it will determine the final result and the adherence of the spray paint to the surface. The need for sanding or not depending on the condition of the door also depends. In any case, it’s important to have a completely clean and clean surface before applying the spray paint.

Paint metal door with spray paint

If you have a metal door, interior, or exterior, if you want a change it, is possible to do it easily and quickly. Pintyplus has a variety of products that will allow you to make the change you need. For this, we recommend Pintyplus EVOLUTION, an acrylic spray paint, with a professional finish, and also available in fluorescent and metallic colors.

The steps are to restore a metal door are:

  1. Clean the surface
  2. Apply a Pintyplus Tech Universal Primer spray
  3. Once everything is dry, start painting with any of the paint spray EVOLUTION 

With Pintyplus, the doors are always open for quick and easy recycling and reinventing.

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