Classic telephone table painting

In this post, we will present the classic telephone desk painting project of the English What Hannah did next blog.

What you will need when painting the telephone table:

The first step is to clean the surface properly. In this case, we were lucky, as the table is in very good condition, there is no layer of squirting paint on it. If the paint on the furniture is in poor condition, it must be sanded properly. If the surface is not properly prepared (the paint is greasy, dusty) the paint will not adhere properly, so it will not be durable. Use an alcohol cleaner to clean the surface.

The second step may be painting. For this, we chose PintyPlus Evolution RAL 7042. A very wide range of colors is available from this product, so you can choose almost any color. This gray is a medium gray.


Shake the paint before painting for about 1 minute. Spray from a distance of about 20-25 cm. The acrylic spray dries very quickly, so after 5-10 minutes we can inflate another layer on the surface if necessary.

One of the great advantages of spray painting is that a nice even surface can be achieved and there will be no brush pressure. Of course, it’s important to buy the right paint spray (and practice a little before painting a piece of cardboard) because lower quality paint sprays are easy to flow and hard to cover.

If we get tired of the color, we can add a new color to the table at any time in a few simple steps, so that the decoration of the apartment can remain for a long time

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