Ideas to decorate the second residence


2020 is a year in constant change, very stressful for the vast majority of people who see that we are already in summer, the time of rest par excellence, and it means the proximity of holidays for a good part of society and enjoys a little more of free time.

Because the Covid-19 situation means that in summer we have to take the necessary precautions to be able to enjoy the company of friends and family and enjoy the second residence during the holidays.

The second residence is enjoyed by its location, beach or mountain, away from the crowds of the city, and spending time close to nature. That disconnection that it grants, and that this year becomes almost a necessity.

That is why we bring ideas to decorate the second residence and make the holidays a period of disconnection and leaving the house on the beach or mountain in perfect condition.

Choose a style

This seems simple, in the vast majority of homes it is a real “potpourri” of different styles and types, it is not uncommon to see combinations of colors, sizes, rustic style with modern and classic, all in the same room.

It’s clear that you are not going to do a furniture renovation, but you can impose a style on others and think about how you want your home to be.

Avoid keeping many objects

Normally we tend to accumulate objects of different kinds, it is normal, we live, we buy objects, they give us objects, souvenirs, we renew things and that implies that many times the second residence is filled with furniture and “things” of different sizes, so it creates a warehouse feel in second homes.

If you want to rest, the best thing you can have in a house on the beach or country house is a feeling of spaciousness, space.

Redecorate the house on the beach or mountain

Redecorating does not expressly imply buying new products, you can renew the ones you already use or even the old ones to give them a new life, the important thing is that you start with a clear style and a series of references for how you want your home to be.

If it´s a house on the beach, open and white spaces are usually very pleasant, and more so if you have views of the sea, check the condition of the chairs, tables, or if you have a garden the condition of the fences and household materials.

The same happens in mountain houses, the colors and materials must match your own style, but also the environment, since harmony with nature helps to improve the feeling of relaxation and quality of life.

You can give a new style to your home with very simple changes in color, or varnishing, in this way you recover the good condition of the materials and accessories that decorate your home.

In order to renovate your home, we recommend that you start with Pintyplus EVOLUTION you can achieve a perfect finish for all types of garden furniture or outdoor objects.

And if you are going to paint indoors, the best aerosol spray is Pintyplus HOME, since it barely smells, is fast drying, and is designed to be used indoors.

With all this, you can get your second home ready to use in a short time and especially to rest.

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