Don’t throw it away and paint it with Pintyplus, your spray paint

Would you like to restore and give new life to your objects with spray paint?

You may think, how easy that is to say, but I have no idea, restoration requires technique and knowledge that most people don’t have.

What if I told you that there is a type of painting that could transmit that creative part that you carry inside? Yes, yes, as you read it!

We present the solution, Pintyplus is the perfect Spray paint that will help you renew and recreate as much as you want. You will feel like a true or true professional in the restaurant industry.

We always have at home that chair, an old table, or that “old and … ugly” piece of furniture that we keep over the years because it reminds us of loved moments or people who are no longer with us and who in turn create controversy at home, yours do not understand your feelings, they only see old objects that clash with the rest of the environment and do not like them.

Let me tell you that you can avoid this unpleasant situation and renew these objects totally or partially by giving them a different look with spray paint. You can make them rejuvenate and become the protagonists of those spaces, in which we usually spend so many hours, making them more pleasant rooms with a feeling of fresh air.

Choose a color among the wide range of Pintyplus Spray paints, and in a short time you will see how easy it is to renew that chair, that dresser, or closet that you appreciate so much and you will also surprise the people who share space with you, they will feel more comfortable and comfortable, as much or more than if they were new.

The meaning of colors plays a very important role when it comes to expressing our creativity. Whatever the project that we carry out, be it restoration, recycling, DIY … it will be important to know what each one of them transmits. There are colors that evoke luck, love, intensity, energy … depending on the nature of your work, the emotion of spray paint will have a certain message.

A bit of history about our paintings for those who do not know the blog. The first Spray paint manufactured in Spain was in 1981 under the name of Spray Color and as it was positioning itself in the market and gaining followers, it evolved creating the Pintyplus brand. In this way, and starting from the Spray Color, the baton was passed to Pintyplus, a completely renewed paint, reformulated with more efficient, cleaner materials and adapted to the reality of the moment. An all-terrain paint capable of competing in all markets with undeniable superior quality and an image backed by a registered trademark and at a very reasonable price, which makes it the quintessential paints that are increasingly competitive and cover more markets.

We always keep innovation in mind, we work with clean and efficient technology, we share our knowledge in different media: TV, fairs, RRSS, and we feel committed to the environment, constantly investigating to use materials that are more respectful for people and the environment.

Now it’s your turn, what color would you choose to renovate some of your favorite furniture?

Pintyplus makes it easier for you every day and within your reach, you have nothing to lose…

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