Primer and spray paint forging Pintyplus TECH 2 in 1

In previous blog posts, we have discussed various types of Pintyplus spray paints. From the all-terrain BASIC, through BASIC metal effect to EVOLUTION, AUTO, HOME.

Are you one of those who go to everything and want to go one step further?

The day comes when you have to fix the gate that gives access to your home, or the mailbox that is right in front of the door, or the supports of those old planters that you like and look so much. Do you feel identified or identified?

What options does Pintyplus offer us for this type of object?

Pintyplus has a very wide range called Tech, and today we are going to focus specifically on two of them: the special one for floors and for radiators.

Primer and spray paint forging Pintyplus TECH 2 in 1

In addition to the properties of a primer in terms of anchoring and antioxidant power, the extra matte, thick and hard finish is added that produces an effect of old iron. Abrasion-resistant and excellent outdoor durability. It dries quickly and has very good adhesion on metal surfaces. You can know more about its characteristics and application form on our page where this product is referred to.

Pintyplus TECH radiator spray paint

With the passage of time, the materials of the radiators tend to turn yellowish or the paint tends to peel, causing spots to appear due to the accumulation of dust. In these cases giving a coat of paint will help the imperfections disappear, but it is essential to know how to choose the right paint. There are paints that are not designed to withstand high temperatures.

Paint for radiators must meet two fundamental requirements: have good adhesion, must allow good fixation, and be heat resistant. Pintyplus Tech Radiator Spray Paint meets both, adheres perfectly, and offers resistance up to 90 ºC in temperature,

It is very easy to apply, it is specially formulated for painting, retouching, and conservation of all types of radiators, both cast iron and aluminum. It is also applied in heating pipes, heaters, etc.

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