PintyPlus AQUA is the water-based paint spray


PintyPlus AQUA is the water-based paint spray we have created for you

PintyPlus AQUA has been created for you and with you. Creating new paint spray is not easy. It’s not just about mixing the ingredients and filling them into a bottle.

That’s why after many successful and less successful attempts, PintyPlus AQUA spray has finally been completed, which has the following fantastic properties, among others:

  • It is water-based, environmentally friendly, and almost odorless.
  • It is low pressure, making it ideal for home painting because it has minimal side scatter and does not flow.
  • Adhesion is excellent on different surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, stone, concrete, metal, or even polystyrene
  • It covers in one layer, forming an even surface
    15 minutes of drying time depending on the surface
  • Available in 18 colors, including pastel, soft-toned and intense, vibrant colors.

Tailored to your needs

Our product born of the joint work of international bloggers, ambassadors, and our research and development department.


We wanted to create a product for your needs

  • It encourages creativity when painting smaller objects, handicrafts, or just scrapbooking.
  • Can also be used in places. Because we know that not everyone has a terrace or garden.
  • We pay attention to the environment because the Earth is our common home, for which we are jointly responsible

And who else would have been better suited to make the product final like our bloggers and ambassadors?

They use many techniques and even more materials. They know what they need and how they can work best. Their expectations were clear when the version was created.

  • Reduce unpleasant odors that are difficult to ventilate.
  • The can should be narrower and more ergonomic
  • Reduce the dust remaining after painting

In short, a spray specifically for artisans. We didn’t stop until we could create the most suitable product and make sure PintyPlus AQUA is a water-based spray. This way you can boldly experiment with new things and live your creativity…

Pintyplus scrapbookink from Itzidreams

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