Welcome Fall with Pintyplus Spray Paint!

Temperatures drop, terraces and balconies lose relevance compared to other common areas of the house. The living room regains its prominence and throughout the house warm colors, more palatable fabrics, and materials that comfort and warm us are implanted.
Take advantage of the change of season to give your home a new look with spray paint.

Make it warmer and more welcoming with these great little tips, just a few “autumn colors with Pintyplus” will make your house your sweet and cozy home.

Do you want to give your home an autumn look with spray paint?

The autumn decoration begins when the leaves of the trees change their greenish color for warmer ones, orange, ocher, gold, which continue to recall the brightness of summer but already let out and welcome the colder months of the year. These autumnal shades from Pintyplus help create relaxed and harmonic environments, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa as the days get shorter.

Fall in Tile, Rusty Red and Mixed Brown with Spray Paint

The arrival of autumn gives way to more muted tones, but with the same force. Caldera, tile, and all variations of brown gain strength and provide warmth. They also look good whatever the color of the sofa, white, beige, and even gray. With a simple painting on some of the walls of the living room to match and giving a touch with the cushion covers, you will breathe the essence of autumn.

Choose a color from our spray paint color palettes that Pintyplus Home puts at your disposal, created to paint all the elements of your home. From the walls, doors, and windows, to furniture and decorative objects. Covers any surface. Formulated with water-based resins, it does not smell, it is comfortable and easy to use because it does not sag.

Autumn, gray is the quintessential neutral

Although white is our favorite neutral, gray has been gaining ground. With the arrival of autumn, our mind looks for colors more in line with this time of year and gray ends up being one of the best allies. With the arrival of September and the decline in thermometers, it is appreciated to observe the shades of this color at home.

And the color ranges of AUTUMN?

It is essential to enjoy the home at this time, that the footprint is pleasant and warm. To enhance the autumnal decoration you can put cotton rugs that can share shades, if you are looking for a more harmonious environment or, be of different color ranges to enhance the contrast.

Wood is the most autumnal material. The same warmth that it brings to the eye, it brings to your home. Wood is a living material, which expands and contracts with changing temperatures. In addition, it is a natural regulator of humidity. Combining a wooden coffee table in its most natural state is the perfect companion for a boiler or mustard paint that you can choose from the wide range of paints that Pintyplus Basic synthetic spray paint offers, the “all-terrain” of paint in the spray. Solid colors. High adherence and resistance.

Flowers and Plants in Autumn

The bright colors of summer give way to more reddish and brownish tones. Combining orange and brown colors with dark green tones will give an original and different touch to your home. Choose from color palettes of spray paint that Pintyplus Evolution acrylic ultra-fast drying puts at your disposal.

Some plants such as chrysanthemum, lavender, heather, or sunflowers, whose aroma is more intense during this time of year, can give a personal and original touch to your new decoration, contrasting with the new and warm paint colors.