What is a spray marker and where can it be used?

What is a spray marker and where can it be used?

As its name suggests, this product can be used for temporary marking on various surfaces. Thanks to its special capful, it can also be used in industrial work, as the cap can be resealed, so you don’t have to worry about painting anything when you’re not using it.

How is a marking spray different from other paint sprays?

The marker spray is a bright color that allows it to be clearly seen on almost any surface and, thanks to its special design, can be used in any direction. In the case of a normal paint spray, for example, if you start blowing upside down after a few seconds only gas comes out of it instead of paint. In the case of the marker, on the other hand, we can work with it 360 degrees, which means that we can inflate the desired marking up, down, and to the side.

On what surfaces and for what purposes can we use it?

The PintyPlus TECH fluorescent marker can be used on almost any surface: wood, metal, stone, concrete, asphalt, sand, etc. This product is mainly used in construction, but can also be used for any other marking (forestry, mining work).

How long does it stay visible? Can it even be used for an event?

Normal PintyPlus TECH marking spray wears off after a while, but this is highly dependent on the surface and use. For example, in the case of an asphalt marking on which there is a lot of traffic, there is a good chance that it will wear off in a few weeks, but in the case of a wood marking, for example, it can remain on the surface for up to a year.

If, on the other hand, our goal is to make the marking visible only in the short term, then the solution is the PintyPlus TECH temporary event marking spray. This is very similar to a normal marker, but it disappears much sooner and wears off the surface. For an outdoor concrete surface in normal use, this is about 10-15 days.

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