Chalk Paint, the Pintyplus spray paint for the most creative

If you like vintage or shabby chic decoration and are looking to redecorate your furniture with affordable techniques and spectacular results, you are in the right place and reading the perfect article to let yourself be carried away by that creative imagination that you carry within.

Do you know Chalk Paint?

Surely its name sounds familiar to you since it became very popular a long time ago for its many qualities. In the 16th century, Michelangelo used paint containing chalk and lime (as well as mud and dirt, of course) in his incredible painting projects, hence the concept of this type dates from yesteryear. Although chalk paint was used in the Middle Ages, it was British interior designer Annie Sloan – considered one of “Britain’s most influential designers” according to The Telegraph – and her famous mix that brought it to the front page.

Chalk painting has not lost its relevance and continues to be a true star in the world of decoration, restoration even in crafts.

At Pintyplus we also have our chalk paint

CHALK FINISH SPRAY PAINT is a spray paint created for decoration vintage or shabby chic. It is perfect for those furniture and decorative objects that you are so fond of and want to give an old style. The chalk as an ingredient makes it an excellent decorative painting, it’s nice and easy to use.

CHALK Paint in Spray Pintyplus or chalk effect, is formulated based on the water that comes from the chalk and can be removed with water within the first 15 minutes. It is natural, acrylic-free, non-toxic to people or the environment, suitable for a multitude of surfaces including expanded polystyrene.

It has a silky-looking matte finish in pastel tones, absorbs wax easily, and dries very quickly. We give you the possibility to choose from a wide range of delicate, natural, truly precious colors.

Painting a piece of furniture with CHALK PAINT by Pintyplus spray is a great way to completely change its look. In a short time, you can see the transformation of that old and dilapidated piece into one of your best furniture with an aged effect that you will not want to detach and will give it that special touch that you are looking for in one of your favorite spaces.

Very easy, you just have to  follow a three-step process that consists of cleaning, painting, and waxing, taking into account that:

What did you think of this type of painting?

In the next post, we will give you ideas, while we leave you this video so that you can see how easy it is to follow the complete process with Pintyplus.

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