High temperature spray paint Pintyplus Tech

Spray high-temperature paint Pintyplus Tech for supports exposed to high temperatures. The colors withstand temperatures up to 600ºC.

Ideal for painting any surface that must withstand high temperatures such as exhaust pipes, boilers, stoves, etc.

We can find High-temperature spray paint Pintyplus Tech in two different formats: the 200ml (which would be equivalent to a 1m 2 surface ) and the 400ml (which would be equivalent to a 2m 2 surface ). Pintyplus spray paints are the most profitable on the market.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 270/200ml and 520/400ml
  • Spreading 200ml = 1 m2. 400ml = 2 m2
  • Surface drying (20ºC) time in 30 minutes, a total of 1 hour.
  • Repainted after 30 minutes.
  • Heat resistance 600ºC.

How to apply the high-temperature spray paint

The surface to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of any contaminants. Clean the rust and the scales, if any, with a wire brush. Remove grease stains with solvent.

For rusted surfaces, apply a layer of Zinc Primer Pintyplus or Cold galvanizing Pintyplus.

Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute after the mixing balls sound. Spray from a distance of 25/30 cm, applying thin and quick layers, first horizontally and then vertically. It is advisable to spray two thin layers instead of one thick layer in order to obtain uniform coverage and avoid paint sags. Once the operation is completed reverse the can and push the nozzle until only gas comes out in order to prevent nozzle clogging.

Important: After applying the paint, the temperature of the painted surface must be increased gradually to reach its maximum enabling the paint to crosslink.

At PINTYPLUS we have a total of two colors of heat-resistant paint. The first color is black (Black Matt A104). This is the most commonly used, and is perfect for barbecues, fireplaces, exhaust pipes … And the other color would be gray (Silver gloss A150).

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