How to paint a wooden furniture

If you are a person who does not have much experience with painting or who wants to paint their furniture in the most comfortable and fast way possible, these project interests you. Today you will learn to paint any wooden furniture easily and without the need to spend a lot of money.

For this, what we will use is special spray paint for wooden surfaces. At PINTYPLUS we have many ranges of paints. From paints for metal, plastic, with anti-heat, and, of course, for wood. Today we recommend three different ranges that can be used to spray paint your furniture.

BASIC range:   It is especially recommended for painting wood, metal, cloth, stone, fiberglass, and rigid plastics although it really paints any object. It is the painting that we should all have close to our DIY projects.
HOME range: is the newest range of our spray paints. Has been specifically created to paint all the objects from your house. Sections of walls, gates, doors and windows even furniture and decorative objects. Suitable for all the surfaces.

Chalk range: Perfect for any surface including expanded polystyrene. It can be washed with soap and water within the first 15 minutes. Maximum coverage and fast drying. Water-based formulated, it is more respectful of the environment.

How to spray paint a wooden furniture

To paint wooden furniture with spray it is very important that you know that it is advisable to use the appropriate protection so as not to harm your health. To do this, what we will do is put on a mask so as not to accidentally inhale the paint particles, and use protective glasses. These measures are not strictly necessary but they are recommended for your safety.

Steps to following

  1. First of all, is to disassemble the furniture doors to be able to paint it better. So we can access sites that we could not before.
  2. Then we will sand the surface of the furniture that we are going to paint to eliminate the varnish and the imperfections that are above the surface.
  3. Once we have sanded the surface of the furniture, we will remove the excess particles of dust and dirt that are on top, in order to have an excellent finish and that is not irregular
  4. When we have cleaned the surface we can start painting. It is advisable to paint at a minimum distance of 30 centimeters between the spray and the object. And, depending on our paint, you should take two factors into account: the partial drying time and the total drying time. In the case of BASIC paint, we will have a partial drying of 2 hours and a total drying of 4 hours. In HOME paint, we will have a partial drying of 30 minutes and a total drying of 1 hour. And in the case of CHALK, the partial drying is 20 minutes and the total is 1 hour.
  5. When we have given the first coat we must wait for it to dry. So we wait for the partial drying time to spare. No need to wait any longer.
  6. The sixth step is to give it another layer.
  7. And the last step of all would be to let it dry again, but this time the total time indicated by the spray bottle depending on the type of paint it is.

As you can see, painting with spray is very easy, comfortable and economical, that is why we invite you to restore your furniture instead of buying new ones.

Paint whatever you want with PINTYPLUS!

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