Galvanized Pintyplus Tech spray

Pintyplus Tech galvanizing spray paint: anticorrosive galvanic or cold galvanizing paint spray primer Pintyplus Tech. It is a spray paint primer based on aluminum and zinc. Elevated antioxidant protection on metallic surfaces. Smooth, uniform, and gloss finish. Excellent resistance to the elements. Very fast drying.

Applications for the cold galvanizing in spray

Used to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion: metallic structures, fences, tanks, agricultural machinery, railroad equipment, pipes, fasteners, etc. Used for welding and galvanized retouching. This paint is used as a finish paint as well.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 520/400ml.
  • Spreading = 2 m2
  • Drying time in 15 minutes.
  • Repainted in 30 minutes.
  • Heat resistance 600 ºC.

How to use spray galvanizing

Clean rust and scale, if any, with a wire brush. Remove grease stains with solvent. The surface to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of any type of contaminant.

Shake the spray vigorously for 1 minute after the mixing balls sound. Spray at a distance of 25/30 cm., Applying thin and fast layers, first horizontally and then vertically. It is advisable to apply two thin coats and not one thick coat to achieve uniform coverage and avoid sags. Once the operation is finished, invert the bottle and press until only gas comes out to clean the button.

Recommendations for use of the cold galvanizing primer in spray

On painted surfaces, if properly adhered proceed with a light sanding to facilitate adherence, and if poorly adhered, remove it. To facilitate the cleaning of the surface of paint residues, we recommend using the Greenox Paint Stripper.

For a colored finish, repaint with Pintyplus Basic or Pintyplus Evolution.

Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

Once empty, the spray must be deposited in the yellow container.

Spray Colors 

We currently have 2 ranges of colors:

  1. A range of silver color: Silver G150
  2. A range of gold color: Gold G151

Paint what you want with Pintyplus!

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