Decorate your home with Pintyplus spray paint

Sometimes we think that painting our house or renovating its decoration can be expensive, tedious and difficult to carry out. In this article, we are going to give you good ideas and the necessary tools to bring joy to your home in an easy, fast, and fun way.

To renew the decoration of your home with the trend colors in spray, we recommend a type of spray paint that has been specially created for use in closed spaces with little ventilation: The spray paint Pintyplus Home has been specifically created to paint all the objects from your house. Sections of walls, gates, doors and windows even furniture and decorative objects. Suitable for all the surfaces. Formulated with water-based resins, low odor, pleasant, and easy to use with no runs. It is cost-effective: covers up to 3m². You can remove the paint in the first minutes before it starts drying. No more stains besides the desired painted object. 

Pintyplus Home spray paint

The spray paint Pintyplus Home has been created specifically to paint all the elements of your home. From the walls, doors, and windows, to furniture and decorative objects. Covers any surface. Formulated with water-based resins, it does not smell, it is comfortable and easy to use because it does not sag. And it is very profitable: it covers up to three square meters. Paint can be removed if you wash it off with water in the first few minutes of application. Not stain.

Provides a triple value:

  • Facilitates the use of spray paint indoors: when spraying it does not splash paint, so it will not stain the space surrounding the object being painted.
  • It respects the health of people and the environment to the maximum. It does not smell.
  • The choice of the color range is alienated by the new trends in the world of decoration.

Materials on which you can apply Pintyplus Home

  • Wood in general, chipboard or conglomerate, and DM.
  •  Glass, clay, ceramic, and tiles (with previous Universal Pintyplus Primer ).
  •  Paper, cardboard or foam board, rubber, cork, and foams in general (blue foam, etc.).
  •  Vegetable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, etc.
  • Felt.
  •  Methacrylate and polycarbonate.
  •  Metals (except aluminum).
  •  Hard plastics, rigid, transparent, flexible PVC, and Forex (with previous Plastic Primer ).
  • Soft plastic, polyethylene nets and bags, cellular polypropylene, and Porex (expanded polystyrene).
  • Textiles such as wool, linen or cotton, felt, etc.It is the perfect spray paint for painting at home.

An important aspect will be that the surface to be painted must be dry and clean. Start to enjoy decorating the elements of your house easily, quickly, with Pintyplus!

How to use the spray paint water-based Pintyplus Home

1. Shake the spray vigorously for about 30 seconds after hearing the balls sound. Strongly recommended to test before painting on a piece of paper and measure the proper spray distance. Each job may require a different distance depending on the object you are going to paint. The larger the surface to be painted is, the more we need to increase the distance of spraying from the object. Likewise, the recommended distance is about 15-20 cm.

2. Paint cross-cross layers. Meaning that you need to paint from the top to bottom and then from one side to the other side in order to perfectly cover the entire surface. Sometimes it’s not necessary if you have adequate control of the spray. This paint covers a lot and facilitates its use.

3. Invert the spray cans up-side-down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out once finished the process of painting. In this way, we will clean the paint circuit and prevent it from clogging to be able to use it on future occasions.

4. Can be removed with soap and water in the first 15 minutes (before it dries) in the case was stained an object accidentally.


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